Moving is such a pain!


Here’s the deal with moving. It’s totally fun and I’m excited about the new house, but finding new running routes is a pain! At the old place I had several 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 mile routes and this new one I’m just trying to figure life out. The cool thing is that the new place is almost exactly 1 mile from the track at the jr. college where I do speed work and there are some rolling hills about 1.5 miles away! I’m going to force myself to get all up on those rollers at least once per week.

Training’s going pretty well I think. I’m still hovering in the 40-45 mpw range with 2 days a week of speed work and one day a week for my long(ish) run. I’ve been feeling pretty dead-legged and tired lately but I can’t decide if it’s a nutrition issue, needing a break, my body responding to new training or what… I just started the Jack Daniels Blue Advanced Plan and it’s good stuff. I’m liking track work instead of tempo workouts.

Yesterday was 8×400 with 400 recovery jogs and some drills. It did not go well. This morning was 60 minutes of easy running (8:50 pace) on rolling hills. It definitely felt pretty good but running at easy pace is so hard– it’s hard not to creep up to HMP or MP. I was disciplined today but negative split the run by 2 mins which tells me that my speed was creeping up in the middle.

Anyway, how are things going with training? What are you doing right now? When’s the next race???


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