No newbie left behind

Amy, you already know that every time you tell me about your workouts, it makes me want to cry. It does sound like a hassle to find new routes, but that’s gotta be exciting too. And can I, as someone who lives in a not-very-exciting Midwestern city, just remind you of how lucky you are to live in the land of running and sunshine? Actually, I like running in the snow, and actually kind of wish it were December again, but nevermind that!

Here are my upcoming races (you’ll need to post yours so too):

Funny story about that 13.1 Chicago race. It was supposed to be in and around the University of Chicago and on the Lakeshore path, but oh no. No no. It’s now south of U of C. I wonder if there’s mace in the race packets…

Anyways, as you can see, I got newbie fever and signed up for every half-marathon in sight. Totally stupid, but by the summer my long runs will be in the 10+ range, and if I’m gonna run for that long anyways, I would like a t-shirt, some coupons, and a bagel, you know? I obviously don’t really have time goals for the halfs (less than a day? before the courses close?), but I think a 5k in less than 30 minutes will happen for me soon. Even though I haven’t been running as many miles as I should because of comps, the runs I have gotten in have been solid.

Ok, now I really will go for that run.


2 responses to “No newbie left behind

  1. I totally think you should go for the bagel!! And no time goals allowed until you run one. Then you should try and beat your time 🙂

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