I can’t believe how ambitious you are! I think it’s great. And, you can totally do it. If your body starts to rebel just listen and back off. But, I don’t think it will. And I think it’s so great you’re jumping into this. We’ll get you running the Chicago Marathon in no time!

This year I’m participating in a local series of 8 races (4 short, 4 long) that are age graded. I have 2 out of the way (Valentine Run and Shamrockin) Getting in all 8 is going to be a challenge since I’ve already missed one and I’ll be missing another but… so far…

May 3: Fair Oaks Fiesta Sun Run 5 miler

May 25: No Excuses 5k

June 20: Shriners 8k (‘A’ Goal race)

July 25: Alzheimers Aid Society 5k

September 19: Run to Break the Silence 5k

Then, it’s on for training to BQ at CIM in December. At which point my mileage is going to get really high and I am going to get really whiny about it. There are a couple longer races that are races series qualifiers too but those will be training runs I think.

Sorry about your weather. I have a post in my head about why Sac is the perfect running town. I’ll get to it someday. Remind me if I don’t!


One response to “Races!

  1. No no, I really do just want the shirts and food. Hmm, age-graded races eh? Interesting… I hadn’t heard of those until now.

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