Rachel, My track workout this morning was total garbage. I had 15 min warm-up followed by 4×1200 I pace with 4 min jogs and a 15 min cool down and let me tell you it was ugly. I can always hit my paces on shorter workouts like this (I do much better at the track than on a tempo run) but today I started slow… and got slower. I’m so frustrated. I felt like I was working really, really hard too. And,the conditions were perfect out there (55 degrees and cloudy, no wind) for a glorious workout. But instead, I sucked! I think part of my problem is mental but I also think that I need a cutback week. I’ve been at it pretty hard for the last few weeks and my legs are tired! Anyway, I finished up and then came home and treated my poor foot to an ice bath. OUCH.

Despite the total garbage of my performance, I have to say that this track is glorious. I have NO clue why it’s so empty in the mornings! It’s the track at the stadium at the jr. college across the street and it’s a nice, new all-weather surface with drinking fountains and steps for stair running. Seriously, I don’t get it. It’s totally empty!

Also, I have a serious case of Boston Envy going on right now. I’m so excited for everyone I know running next Monday but I’m also soooooo jealous and wish I was going too! I guess that it makes these crappy track workouts feel worth it– I’m making a deposit into the Bank of Boston and hopefully can make a big withdrawl in a few months to qualify.

Enough whining… I’m lucky to be healthy and have the time, energy and money to race. There are so many people who can’t and I have to remember not to take it for granted!


One response to “Ughhhhhh

  1. Oh wow, I can’t believe Boston’s already next Monday. Yeah, I don’t know why, but I’m totally excited to follow the elite racers. I hope someone runs it on TV here. Do you follow the podcast Phedippidations at all? He’s run Boston and is running this again year and has a ton of content on it at his site. I’ll post it on the side… can’t believe I forgot to before.

    Yeah I hate it when crap workouts happen on gorgeous days. It just seems like an injustice, hah. All my best/favorite/memorable workouts were on days with bad weather. The first time I ran over an hour was with a ton of snow and ice on the ground. And the first time I ran 30 minutes (I think), it was actually indoors, but Mother Nature was like, “Oh no, you’re still gonna get it,” and on the way to my car I stepped in a foot of ice cold water (the lots are really shitty in winter here); luckily it was not my left shoe which held my Nike+ sensor…

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