Long, hilly run…

Today I decided to take my long run up to the Fair Oaks/Folsom area of Sacramento to get in some quality hill running. I vaguely remembered this part of the bike trail (I usually go West, not East from where I parked) from biking it a few times and figured that the “rolling” hills would be a good idea. Yeah… they weren’t so much rolling as they were constant! But I loved it.

It was absolutely beautiful out– around 60 degrees and sunny and the wildflowers were popping up everywhere along the riverbank. Plus, the late spring rains we got this year has made everything so incredibly green and lush which I need to enjoy before it’s 110 out and everything dries up!! I felt pretty good for the majority of my run although I definitely slowed down to the end because, as I always do, I started out way too fast. Plus, after about 10 miles I tend to just crash.

Half way out I took some sport beans (blue! yum!) and some water and willed myself back up the hills. I think I ended up doing around 15 miles but didn’t wear my Garmin, only my cheap watch today because I wanted to run easy and just enjoy being outside. I felt good and tried to keep my pace in the “easy” range the whole time. I was pretty salty and tired at the end, but overall I feel pretty good considering I haven’t run more than 13 since early March. The only downer from today’s run is that someone smashed in my car window while I was out running 😦 Oddly they left my iphone, wallet, keys and snacks alone but not the best way to end.

Came home, took an ice bath (ughhhh… I only lasted 7 minutes but my hips were crying for one so I listened) and made the “Saturday Morning Banana Walnut Waffles” courtesy of Jenna at Eat, Live, Run (no walnuts and topped with peanut butter, so much yum) and chilled in my backyard with the newest Runners World.

A perfect Saturday morning.


5 responses to “Long, hilly run…

  1. Nicely done. Very impressive to be out there running 15 mils…sand Garmin. I’d go crazy!

  2. Ok.. I can’t type. Should be “15 miles, sans Garmin.” No sand or mils are involved.

  3. awesome job on the run!!!! i dont know how you go without garmin, esp for a long run 🙂 i am way too dependent on that thing! lol

  4. LOL, I know… I don’t like not recording my splits but I tend to race myself if I have my Garmin on and I just wanted to enjoy the run without stressing about my pace. The cheap watch does the trick. Plus, the Garmin watch tan is already out of control and it’s HUGE!

  5. This is why I’ve gotta run early, early, early in the morning now that the sun has begun to grace us with its presence again.

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