A Treat in the Mail

A treat came in the mail today– New Balance 1063s! It’s a long story, but I get free NB shoes and they finally came in the mail today! And, the timing couldn’t be better… my Mizunos have about 500 miles on them (I know, bad!) and I can tell– they’re smushy and I’m feeling achy in the feet which only happens when it’s time to get some new shoes. They’re high-mileage, neutral trainers and have gotten pretty decent reviews. I’m not a New Balance girl, but for free? I’m willing to try!



I’m also pretty excited that they’re orange. The 80s teal and lime green on my current shoes is proof that I don’t really care what my running shoes look like as long as they do their job, but these just look fast. Review to come! Plus, they have all their support and cushioning in tact.

After Saturday’s long run I just jogged an easy 5 before church on Sunday and actually skipped this morning’s track torture workout. My body just felt really achy and my calf cramped up when I tried to put my foot down and out of my bed this morning and… it’s a cut-back week anyway so I actually listened to my body for once and rested. I may spin on my trainer later tonight or do some yoga but probably nothing with impact. I think resting and having fresh legs to actually hit my paces is going to be more beneficial than muscling through pain and being sluggish. It’s not only that my body doesn’t want to run slowly, but I don’t think my mind can handle another dispiriting track workout.

Funny story– I had a half-day on Friday and in an attempt to rid myself of my watch and sock tan I opted to do my yoga dvd via laptop in my backyard and catch some sun in the process. Well, I was about 25 minutes into it (and I know that doing yoga in your backyard is super “Stuff White People Like” but it really helps with my IT Band issues and I need some upper body strength!) and a friend stopped by and totally busted me in the middle of a pose in the yard! I was pretty embarrassed because it’s so silly and I was doing an arm balance and crouched down all awkward on the ground. The good news is that my watch tan is slightly lighter… the bad news is that my sports bra and shorts tan are bordering on the comedic at this point.

I’m feeling the itch to race… May 5 can’t come soon enough. Something in me needs the validation of my hard work in the form of a PR, a race, SOMETHING. This particular race is supposed to be “challenging” and is half on a trail, but I’m excited nevertheless. Plus, it has CHICKENS! Real ones!!


One response to “A Treat in the Mail

  1. Yeah. You’re gonna have to take pictures of the chickens when the time comes.

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