Track Attack!!!!

So apparently listening to your body works… This morning I rolled out of bed, did my pre-track snack attack (the rhyming makes me laugh. yes, i know it’s stupid) of coffee and 1/3 luna bar, laced up my new shoes and headed over to the track for a little 8×400 at R pace (1:43 for me) with 400 jogs in between. I’ve been struggling so much with my speed lately and felt like I have such heavy legs so I was a little bit nervous to get going. Well, I’m happy to report that this morning felt great! I used my cheap watch so I didn’t record my splits but if memory serves me right:

1:38 (oooops, little excited out there)
1:44 (perfect)
1:43 (good job)
1:47 (wind, I swear!)
1:44 (good job)
1:47 (ugggggh)
1:44 (get your head in the game, kid)
1:45 (phew!)

I followed that up with 2x100m of high knees, butt kicks, skipping and then my core routine (planks, bird dogs, bicycles, crunches, more planks). Guys– if you have IT band issues, strengthen your core. It’s like magic. Plus, you won’t hate the leaner abs.

I think the best part is that I never felt totally exhausted or like I was entering my puke threshold. And, I can definitely tell that my running economy is improving– I’m learning how to make my body go faster. Yes!! Most importantly though, I feel like my head is back in the game. I was starting to feel like I’d lost all my hard work over the past few months but as it turns out I was just needing a little break.

Hilariously there were actually people at the track this morning– they climbed over the back fence instead of walking the 100 meters to the open gate… then they proceeded to do these weird exercises on the track in garbage bag suits then run all the stairs throughout the stadium. I think they might be boxers or something based on their build and the garbage bag suits but it cracked me up. I mean sure, I looked like a nut case doing my high knees but at least I wasn’t in a garbage bag suit. Then again, Kara Goucher rocks the garbage bag suit so maybe I should???


One response to “Track Attack!!!!

  1. awesome intervals!!

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