Race Photos!

Okay, these are hilarious as race photos tend to be… I love that they never catch me doing anything normal. Please also note that my running clothes match. Please know that this is a complete aberration. My method for choosing a workout “outfit” includes: step outside to determine weather, reach into appropriate bin (long, short or no sleeves), grab the first thing I find, reach into shorts bin, grab what’s on top, put on body. So, the fact that I match makes me laugh. These photos are actually useful though– I’m working on relaxing my arms and trying to quit looking like a T-Rex while I run. I thought I was doing better but apparently not!

In the first 2 I was showing my friend how to look “hardcore” while running… apparently “look hardcore” translates into “look ridiculous.” I’m just sad the photographers didn’t catch us together :(Training update: went back to my old friend le track this morning for the last dreaded 4×1000 workout. Whereas before this workout made me want to cry, this morning I actually felt like I had a handle on the beast. I could have been a little bit more consistent but overall I was happy with how I did. Next week I move to a new training phase and so my workouts will also change. Looking forward to it!


4 responses to “Race Photos!

  1. great pics!!! i ❤ nike tempo track shorts 🙂

  2. Hi – Thanks for all of your comments on my blog recently, even though I can’t figure out which of you is writing (by the way, the back and forth is a pretty creative format for a blog). Anyway, are you from Monterey County? Good luck with your continued training and racing, and thanks for visiting my site as well.

  3. Hah! I’m so glad to know someone else has trouble finding matching clothes before a race. It’s too early for those kind of important decisions before races, ya know? Though you gotta admit it’s harder for someone like me who also has bright green shoes.

  4. Race photos never look good. I am not sure I have ever had one that looks like me or what I imagine I look like when I am running. That being said, yours look like you are doing ok!

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