Food Friday: Lettuce Wrap

ff-letuce wrap

Amy’s post about hunger and training got me thinking more about my own diet (granted, I think about food all the time, but not about my diet) which has been about 50% ridiculous junk food 50% good stuff. So today, I thought I’d make the inaugural Food Friday post about a staple food in my Eat More Vegetation and Less Nonsense diet. Here we have the quickest, easiest, and delicious not-gonna-kill you lettuce wrap: Spinach tortilla, hummus, baby lettuces, grape tomatoes, and feta cheese. I bet some dill would be great in there too, but alas, I had none!

I hope the pile of grading I have doesn’t ruin a fun weekend o’ running for me: volunteering at a 10K tomorrow and then doing my first 8-miler on Sunday (so exciting!).


One response to “Food Friday: Lettuce Wrap

  1. That looks so good Rachel! In fact, I eat that all the time (minus the feta)… Good luck on your 8-miler. Report back!

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