Food Friday Snacks Edition

As I mentioned earlier this week I have a really hard time getting and staying full when I’m at a high training volume–  particularly at work (which is a little funny since I essentially sit at a desk all day). I pretty much feel the need for a snack every hour, on the hour. But- I try not to eat refined sugar except for during and just after long runs. Oh and dessert from time to time because let’s be honest, chocolate chip cookies are my kryptonite. And what’s the point of running a ton of miles if you don’t get an occasional treat? I digress.

One thing I’ve found that packs in a ton of protein (18 grams for 90 calories!) and calcium is greek yogurt. So, every day between 10 and 11 (depending on how much I ran that day and how long I can wait, haha) I rock a 0% Fage with whatever fresh fruit is in season. Lucky for me it is strawberry season (4 pounds for 3 bucks at Costco, people!) and I live in California so they are everywhere. This will keep me full for a solid 2 hours– a major accomplishment!

Typical at work-- food in front of the computer!

Typical at work-- food in front of the computer!

No big training plans this weekend. Hoping for a solid 12-15 miler on Sunday, a shorter run tomorrow and hoping to find time to get on my bike. I want 8 of my miles to be marathon pace during my long run. We’ll see.


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