Unexpected sprints

tentensignThis morning I was on course direction duty for the 10K race course, and all went well from the first to the last runner! There weren’t too many out there, so basically I was workin’ the sign for about 5 minutes (if that). But since a whole bunch of volunteers 3 blocks up went AWOL, some participants on the 2-mile dog walk got all the way down to my corner before we realized what happened. And I had to sprint to catch some people who were going the wrong way. Things quickly got straightened out, and I don’t think anyone died, so all’s well that ends well!

Terrier sightings: One ridiculously cute Jack Parson Russell and a ridiculously cute Airedale. I wanted to take both home, but alas…

Even though I’m skipping the free post-race pizza (see my last post on food for why), I think I got a lot out of volunteering. First of all it made me want to get out there and run, and secondly, it made me feel less self-conscious about being a slower runner. There were people out there who were about where I’m at (yeah, front of the back of the pack people!), and I just thought, “These people suck so much less than people who are just sleeping in.” That brings me to the 3rd reason I’m glad I went: getting up at 5:30 today reminded me of how much nicer the world is before 9am.

At least the weather was really nice earlier this morning (it’s all gone to hell since then). We’re supposed to have bad weather all weekend (rain/storms/wind) which is really annoying given that I have to run 8 miles and don’t want to die of boredom doing it on a treadmill (plus my gym has a 30-minute limit per treadmill) or the indoor track.


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