8 mile

Eight in the books, people! (in 1 hour 30 min)

But so much more importantly, I found this at Starbucks afterwards:


Uh-huh. That's right!

GASP. I can’t wait to have it for “third meal” in about 2 hours. For post-workout “brunch,” I just had a chocolate banana Vivanno with an espresso shot. That drink is kind of weird tasting, but I think it’s got some good stuff for the post-workout period: cocoa (anti-oxidants, right?!), milk (calcium! protein!), banana (potassium! sugar!), protein/fiber powder (…protein! …fiber!), and caffeine (let’s just go with what the latest issue of Runner’s World says about the benefits of caffeine… and I have a lot of papers to grade).

Ok, on to the run. It felt great overall! I tried to run  easy and keep my heart rate down which meant that I stopped for about 45 seconds to a minute about 5 times, but I didn’t feel like I was just plodding along. Although, I did have to take a walk break about .5 miles from the end when there was a bit of an incline and my legs were about to fall off. But all in all, it was good run, and the weather was perfect: slightly cloudy, it was in the low 60s, and there was no wind. Although I think a bug tried to fly in my eye—hello? what am I? a car?! I know I need to lose about 10 pounds, but really.

Random notes and lessons from the run:

  • Note to self: bump up shorter mid-week runs to 4-5 miles. I was starting to let my brain get the best of me at about 4 miles. Or maybe I just needed water?
  • This is my longest run with Newtons, and they felt good the whole way. I think they’re really super officially broken in now: huzzah! I have about 30 miles on them, and they fit my foot really well still, unlike, say, my cavernous Asics which at only 50 miles seem to have lost a lot of cushiness already.
  • I’ve decided I like my Balega socks better than Drymax.

One response to “8 mile

  1. Balagas are the best ones! I only run in them… Great job, Rachel. 8 in the books… you are moving along!

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