Weekend Running

As promised this weekend wasn’t anything special as far as training is concerned. I debated all day on Friday whether to do my long run Saturday or Sunday but whenI woke up on Saturday I was feeling ambitious and didn’t really have plans, so I went for it. I drove up to a trail about 15 miles away and ran a little more than 13 on a rolling course with 2 big hills. It felt… ok. I tried to get my pace down to marathon pace for 6 miles but my body wasn’t having it. I even had to sit down in the grass halfway through and have a little talk with myself. It went a little something like this:

“Self, you have run 13 miles a million times. This is not a big deal. I need you to rally. I don’t understand why you hate me today, but I need you to rally. Now get up and start moving. Nothing worth doing or having is easy and this is part of it. Now stand up and make it happen.”

It kind of worked. Sort of. The second half of the run felt better but it was by no means easy.

Sunday I ran 7 with my local running group. I haven’t gotten to run with them for months and it was so nice having company on my run! We jogged for around 8 miles and discussed incredibly important things like, “do you enjoy recovery socks?” “is caffeine bad?” and one of the guys suggested I take up triathlon. Apparently he thinks I’d be good at it. I don’t know. Maybe in August. Maybe. Could be a good switch up of routine.

Then, this morning I ran the hardest track workout of my life. My housewarming party was yesterday and I pretty much ate nothing but cookies, a mini cupcake and wine yesterday so I woke up feeling absolutely disgusting and drained. It was ugly. BUT! I had 4 x (2 x 200 R pace with 200 jogs, 400 R, with 400 jogs with 200s at 50 seconds and 400s at 1:44) on the schedule… and… I NAILED IT! I was able to hit my paces on every interval and although I had to sit down before I could cool down and head home (and by sit down I mean sprawl on the infield of the track and pray my legs quit twitching) it felt oddly good. It’s so funny how you can hydrate, eat right, sleep well and have the worst run in the world and then the one day it all goes out the window you hit your paces. I actually think that the carbs from all the sugar helped! Or who knows, maybe the training is starting to kick in and my body is responding.

Okay, wow. This is a total ramble. Big 5 mile race this weekend! Yeah 8k!


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