Brain Train…

Since I’m racing on Sunday (more on my goals for that soon) I switched my tempo run to today– 15 mins warm up, 20 at lactate threshold, 15 cool down. Not an astronomical workout by any means but not easy either. Jack Daniels suggests having a goal for every session. I was fairly confident I could nail the tempo run but wanted to focus on remaining mentally tough. And so, without further adieu, I would like to present to you all a list of things that I think about when I’m doing a tough workout:

– Do you want Boston? Like, really, really want it? Because those who qualify for Boston don’t quit when the going gets tough.
-I bet Kara Goucher doesn’t quit when the going gets rough. In fact, I bet she uses it to work even harder.
-Seriously, do you want Boston?
-Think of how far you have come– you’ve come so far as a runner and none of it was easy but improvements are going to be more difficult now so harden up and finish
-Think of all the snacks this run is earning you!
-Boston baby, Boston.

I also have a list of words in my head that I use to “cue” myself to run faster. A few that work for me include: ignite, accelerate, tough, Bruin (go Bruins!) and fierce.

For the record I think that I remained fairly tough during the workout. i did it at the track (11 laps… ugh) which I’m not sure I’ll do again. I enjoyed the instant feedback every 100m but going in circles was a little dry. However, it kept my pacing pretty consistent and I really enjoy Hughes Stadium. For the record, I totally nailed my tempo run and although I was pretty tired at the end of the lactate miles my legs feel great today at the end of the day.

Running in a stadium makes me feel like an Olympian!

Running in a stadium makes me feel like an Olympian! Can you believe it's always empty???


4 responses to “Brain Train…

  1. Whoa, so jealous of your track!

  2. boston boston boston!!! 🙂

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