Food Friday and Sunday’s Goal

Today’s “Food Friday” doesn’t contain any massive feats of culinary action but rather an example of the kind of thing I try to eat when life gets crazy. This week has been really, really busy and I haven’t exactly had time to cook. I was able to make time to train by getting up at the crack of dawn, but keeping the runner tape worm at bay was a challenge. Today in between errands I was able to pick up this beauty: img_00771
I stopped in at the Pita Pit for a vegetarian pita on whole wheat. And it was amazing! I got hummus, tzatziki, cucumber, onion, tomato, spinach, bell pepper and mushroom and oh man– it was excellent. Since I’ve essentially been in a meeting all day, everyday this week I’ve been eating a ton of takeout. Luckily everyone I work with is pretty health conscious and it’s been a lot of salads, but all of these veggies really hit the spot today. Plus, it had healthy fats from the hummus, whole grains in the pita and deliciousness from everything else!

Okay, that is quite enough going on and on about a sandwich. Not super cosmic…
As for this race… I have a couple of goals. We’ll go with the esoteric first and the concrete second. Does that work? Great.
1. Have fun. During my last race I totally forgot to have fun. I am determined to have a blast on Sunday. Running is a privilege and a hobby, not a do or die. I need to remember this.
2. Stay mentally tough. I tend to be my own worst enemy during races and I’d like to hang tough during 100% of this race. I have been training my brain to stay tough and I’d like to work on that.
3. Keep my arms down and relaxed– no “TRex” running.
4. Establish a baseline time for the 8k that’s my “A” race in June. I’ve never raced a 5 miler so no matter what I’ll PR!
5. Run like hell. I don’t think I have to describe this but what it means to me is to run aggressively.

Now for the concrete goals… and this really is where I get nervous. Look at this elevation change:

I know. And the course is described as “challenging” everywhere that I read about it. Good times. But! I actually have some talent at hills and have been running on some rollers a couple of days per week to prepare and think I’m more than adequately prepared.

So… my goals are:
A Goal: Sub-38 which is a little faster than a 7:34 pace. I know. Scares me too.
B Goal: 39ish which is a 7:47 pace or my threshold pace. I should be able to do this unless the hills eat me for breakfast

I’m not establishing a “C Goal” even though you’re supposed to, because I don’t want to give myself permission to give up or an “out” when  I’m more than capable of achieving what I listed above.

Alright. Good luck to everyone racing this weekend!! Stay warm and dry and run hard!


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