WTF, 13.1 Chicago? (again!)

I’m sure there was some good reason for this, and maybe it had something to do with the city (I assume that’s why they changed the course?) rather than the race organizers, but I noticed that the course limit for the 13.1 Chicago went from 18-minute/mile (or 16 if you look a bit lower on the cached page from 3/27) to 13 min/mile.

Damn my newbie fever for signing up for this stupid race as well as my cheapskatery for guilting me into running it even though I’ll probably have to be bused to the finish in shame!!!


3 responses to “WTF, 13.1 Chicago? (again!)

  1. If you would like to confuse yourself some more, go to their official site at The FAQ section mentions that you’ll need to maintain a 13-minute/mile pace timed after the last person crosses the start, but the street closure section mentions that people are running at a 15-minute/mile pace.

  2. Oh, The Chicago Half Marathon is different from the “13.1 Marathonā„¢ Chicago.”

  3. Oh, I see. I also noticed that there were was also a 13.1 Marathon Miami and got that mixed up with the Miami half-marathon. You’re right though; they are separate races and fall on different dates.

    Thanks for clearing that up. Good luck with the half in June.

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