Not recovered… not excited about that

Silly me. I didn’t think a 5-mile race would cause me total soreness and force a recovery week but it looks like that’s the story. I think the 5 “easy” after the race may have put me over the edge… Monday and Tuesday I did 60 mins easy. Excuse me, I misspoke (misblogged? mistyped? whatever). Monday I shuffled 60 minutes easy and Tuesday I shuffled for 30 and did somethng resembling running for 30 minutes. It’s been kind of muggy out which means even though it’s not super hot out I’ve been absolutely drenched when I get home. Sorry if that’s gross, but I’m just keeping it real all up in here.

Anyway, this morning I wanted to do a “real” workout and planned 3×1 mile threshold pace followed by 60 minutes of easy. Well, after the first mile (which went ok) and half of the second one, I called it and just ran easy for another 70 minutes. My quad and hamstring were doing the cramp-dance (the twitch that is the precursor to the full on cramp) and my legs just weren’t turning over like they should be. I know enough to know when I’m “sore” and need to run it out and when I’m “not recovered” and doing more harm than good and this was totally the latter.

Anyway, I’m totally annoyed that a not-superfast 5-mile race is causing me to suffer for 4 days. Guess I’ll keep at my buddy the foam roller and hope the pinching goes away soon! In other news, I bought some sweet Asics armwarmers and they came in the mail yesterday! I was totally worried they’d look goofy, not fit, etc but they are fabulous! Once I run in them I’ll give ’em the full rundown but I’m hopeful. Plus, if Ryan Hall and Kara wear them that means they’ll make me fast, right?

Also, my ipod shuffle broke. Again. I just bought it in December and it full-on bit the dust. I’m hoping that Apple replaces it since it’s under warranty… I don’t need music every time I run and definitely not during races, but I’m ready to have my little buddy back for long runs and days when I need a little Kanye to keep me going!

Sorry this post is so whiny. Running really is amazing.

Race photos should be up soon– brace yourself for more ridiculousness!

Finally, I leave you with a quote from my good friend who is a 2:29 marathoner.

The secret to success. Run more than you think you need to. Then more than that.


One response to “Not recovered… not excited about that

  1. Sometimes I take forever to recover too. I haven’t done a short race in awhile though.

    Awaiting those race photos!

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