Food Friday: Grilltastic

Today’s Food Friday is brought to you by the letter W. As in Weber. As in the new glory of my life. As a birthday/housewarming gift my dad bought me the most glorious Weber gas grill BBQ ever. You guys, I have literally grilled dinner every night this week. It’s such an easy, quick and non messy way to eat healthy! Awesome! So, for dinner the other night I made grilled chicken breasts marinated in Yoshida’s Teriyaki and a mess of veggies. Normally I’m a pretty good eater (I eat a mess of veggies and hardly ever eat junk) btu this has made me even better– so easy!

Gotta figure out my sideways photography but delicious!

Gotta figure out my sideways photography but delicious!

So, I took some red potatoes, sliced them in half and then put them in foil with garlic, olive oil, fresh rosemary (from my garden!) and sea salt and pepper. I stuck that sucker right on the grill and let it hang out there for about half an hour. Meanwhile, I grilled up the chicken breasts and let the asparagus hang out in my grill basket for about 10 minutes (sprayed with olive oil, salt, pepper and some balsamic).

While everything was grilling I made a salad with cucumber, tomato, avocado, carrots, red bell pepper and dressed it with olive oil and vinegar. I was absolutely STUFFED at the end of this dinner but it was so healthy and tasted so good. I loved it.This is a great meal for runners– carbs in the potatoes, lean protein in the chicken, lots of veggies to keep those bones and muscles healthy, healthy fat in the olive oil and avocado and a plus that it was good going down.

And, because it was Friday (oh who am I kidding it doesn’t have to be Friday) I had a glass (or 2) of wine. Justin Cabernet Savignon if you’re wondering. And yes, it was also delicious.

This weekend’s workout plans are a little dicey… I have a crazy weekend ahead of me so I think my long run’s going to have to be early on Saturday. But! I’m going to my mom’s and cannot WAIT to run in the park there (there’s a 9 mile trail that rocks my socks).

Ran 43 miles this week. Not bad!


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