Well, that was silly

For some reason I thought it would be a good idea to run on a treadmill this evening because I’d be able to watch the Cavs/Hawks game (King James!). Oh no. It is never a good idea. I let my soul be crushed for 20 minutes before I said “eff it” and finished up outside. Maybe if the screens were bigger I could manage it…

It just occurred to me that I must look like a total weekend warrior since I’ve basically been producing one long post after my long runs and then not much else, well, except for Food Friday posts, which I guess make me look like I just eat and run long and slow*, but I try my damndest to get my shorter weekday runs in. They’re even more important in helping me recover from my longer runs, as I noticed this week. The day after my Sunday long run I felt sore as I really haven’t in a long, long time (it was pleasant in that “Satisfied I done something good for m’self” kind of way), and that carried over a bit into Tuesday. Luckily I asked myself (as I often do), “What would Amy do?,” ran my 4 miles, and felt wonderfully free of guilt and not so sore and tired anymore.

* Although, eating a lot and running longer(-ish) everyday is kind of my dream life.


One response to “Well, that was silly

  1. Awww well sometimes I wimp out! The treadmill sucks dude. Learn this early and often. Although I suppose that since you live in the arctic you’re going to have to sometimes…

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