Sun Run Photos are In!

… and they’re hilarious. I’m only giving you a sampling but you can sure tell how wet it was! For context, those shorts are really light gray. And the shirt is not quite that dark!

Chasing them down!

Chasing them down!

Starting to suffer

Starting to suffer

Starting to make my move...
Starting to make my move…
Can I have some hot chocolate now? Im cold!

Not bad at all. I think they managed to capture the spirit and raininess of the day! Truthfully, I wish they’d gotten more of the mud! I think the rain may have washed some of it off. Also, I am clearly still running like a T-Rex. Gotta knock it off! Note to self: during long run intentionally focus on NOT BEING A T-REX!

And yes, I always race in a tank top even if it’s pretty cold out. I don’t like the feeling of sleeves and it was actually probably 60 degrees by the time we’d finished. Which isn’t very cold… All in all it was a fun day which you totally can’t tell from my tortured expressions!


One response to “Sun Run Photos are In!

  1. great pics!!!!!

    I have been trying to remind myself to keep my arms down too – easier said than done 🙂

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