A revelation!

So, I’ve been feeling really sluggish on my runs lately. It felt like I’d get to around 4-5 miles and then completely run out of steam. Not okay. So, I ran through my mental checklist of things that you need to run well (sleep, no injuries, enough fuel in your body, old shoes, etc) and everything was checking out as a-ok. Well, a friend encouraged me to sign up for the Daily Plate and I tracked what I ate for 4 days. I was good too– I put everything in. Well, according to the fine people over there I was waaaaaaay undereating for the amount of running that I do! They think  I  should be eating nearly 3,000 calories per day. Yikes. I’m not going to go that high but it did tell me to up it.

So, I decided to experiment with eating just a little bit more every day to see what would happen. On Friday, Saturday and Sunday I upped my portion sizes (particularly my carbs) and lo and behold I have had 4 days of absolutely great runs. So, I think I’m going to continue with the tracking to make sure I don’t slip into undereating again. It’s not about how I look or being thin (although that’s fine with me too) but having enough energy to get through tough workouts. I know that I already eat healthy so I just need to eat MORE. One thing that’s rocking my world is protein powder in my oatmeal in the morning. Sounds gross but I no longer feel like I want to eat my lunch at 9:30 am! I can actually make it to lunch (ok snack) time.

So here’s the rundown of the recent running:

Saturday Long Run: 14 miles @ 8:35 pace. Score! I expected to feel like absolute junk on this run… and I did for about a mile and then my legs warmed up and felt like they could go forever! It was sunny, 60 degrees and I ran on the river trail that was just packed with happy runners and cyclists. I took some photos and I’ll do a photo tour of it soon! It’s so great! The most exciting part was that with the exception of the first mile to warm up, my splits never varied by more than 2 seconds/mile. That NEVER happens for me so I was thrilled.

Sunday: 7 miles easy at 8:45. Another great run! I was home visiting my mom for Mother’s Day and ran in Bidwell Park (the largest municipal park except  for Central Park. True story!). They have a cedar trail that’s 4 shady miles each direction and I never fail to have just awesome runs there. Plus, it’s 2/3s of a mile from my mom’s house… love it.

I wasnt kidding that Bidwell Park is beautiful!

I wasn't kidding that Bidwell Park is beautiful!

Monday Track: I hit the track for 4 x(2×200 with 200 jogs, 400 with 400 jog) plus warm up and cool down. It was to be at “R” pace (about 6:45 for me) which is the fastest and I can never hit all of my intervals at that pace. Well, for the first time, I descended in my intervals. Hmm, think all this training is working? Plus, Hot Track Coach was there which always makes me run a little bit faster. I even got a smile and a wave (first time!) from him. Plus, I totally smoked him on one of my 200s 🙂

So,  I guess you could say that I’m back. I’m enjoying running (and even the crazy tan lines that come with it!), feel like I’m improving again and getting excited for my summer races. Summer is the best!

I love running you guys. I really do.


3 responses to “A revelation!

  1. I often forget that upping my mileage means that I need to eat more food.

    • Hey! Thanks for all the great comments on my blog! Your scenic trail is so beautiful. I’m jealous! Great running…and I’m sure running loves you right back!

  2. awesome running girl!!! glad the extra food got you some extra energy 🙂

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