Food Friday: Greek edition


Greeky goodness

Yesterday I had the best pre-workout food ever: pastitio! (and moussaka, spanakopita, gyros, and dolmades) I really should try not to forget about this Greek pasta option before long runs because bechamel sauce makes everything better.

I didn’t actually run today though; just cross-trained by doing a full-body resistance workout. I’m finally getting back into the habit of doing substantial cross-training workouts (weight training, etc.). I really haven’t do circuit training with weights since the fall, and let me tell you, they seem pretty hard when you’re first getting back into it. I can’t lie though: a part of the reason I’m doing this is for the race pictures.

Anyways, I hope that my posting won’t be (even more) infrequent in the coming days as I’ll be in Alaska. Hopefully I’ll have time to run somewhere purdy, and not just on the hotel treadmill.

Just a week until the 10-mile race! I’ve even bought my energy bar breakfast for the race haha. I’ll post on that next Friday. I feel that telling people about these bars is a public service…


One response to “Food Friday: Greek edition

  1. Food looks fabulous. mmmmm.

    Have a great time in Alaska. How cool to run there.

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