Hot, hotter and then more heat

Whew. I was not kidding when I said this weekend would be hot. It was 107 yesterday. One hundred and seven degrees. In May. Let’s back up though… Saturday morning I got up at 5:45 to get my long run done before I had to be at my friend’s bachelorette party at 10am. I ran 14 miles around my neighborhood and actually found a long run route that’s not too heavy on stop lights and circles the major parks in the area (there are quite a few here that are 1-2 miles around). I called the route “tour de jardins” because it made me laugh. Anyway, I’m working on not being an idiot about hydration and so I took my hand-held with me. I hate all hydration systems and my shoulder was sore from carrying it, but I was happy to have water. I wasn’t speedy which I’m sure was due to the combination of the heat (Saturday was a balmy 102) and a pretty heavy mileage load all week. I was fine with that though– I was consistent, didn’t stop and got ‘er done.

After the long run I went wine tasting for the friend’s party. Now, it was extremely fun but standing all day and refueling with wine after a hot, sweaty long run= feel like garbage by 5pm. The heat also makes me lose my appetite so I basically only ate fruit and a little goat cheeses so when I finally got to sleep I was absolutely exhausted.

Sunday morning I was up in time for our group run so I decided to give it a go. It was already 80 degrees by 8am… and our long run goes along a levee that has very little shade and almost no water. 90% of the time it’s more than fine but I was dying yesterday! The best part, though, is that I ran with a guy who is way faster than me but had a low(er) heart rate workout scheduled so he ran with me and forced me to finish strong. I was definitely getting the nauseated, dehydrated icky feeling in my stomach and I’m pretty sure my heart rate was somewhere in the stratosphere, but it felt good to power it out and sprint it out at the end. My training partner is so cute– he just kept saying “chicks who eat pain for breakfast are hot. Power it out. You’ve got it. You can destroy this. You’re awesome. Power it up. Find a gear. Go.” And, he’s good looking and a sub-3 marathoner so I didn’t want to get soft so I worked my self out!

This morning I went to the track for the last week of my 4x (2×200 R pace, 200 rest, 400R pace 400 rest) workout. It went ok. I stayed consistent but I’ve been dealign with a nagging pain  in my arch for about 10 days back near my heel that is really putting a damper on things. It feels awful and I’m just praying it’s not plantar fascitis. I might have to call my buddy the ART doctor because I am not ok with having plantar. If anyone has any ideas on how to get this to chill out I’d be grateful. I have a high pain tolerance so I know if it hurts, it hurts. Plus, I have my 5k this weekend! And I reaaaaalllly want to do well. I’m excited to do well. I heart 5ks. So let’s get this arch back!

That’s it from here.


2 responses to “Hot, hotter and then more heat

  1. Ah, I’ve made the post-long run alcohol mistake too.

    I’m having that same heel pain. Just cropped up yesterday. Stretch your calves a lot and you should probably go see the ART guy since it’s been 10 days.

  2. sounds like you have a great running partner 🙂

    i am not ready for the summer heat!

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