No Excuses 5k Report

Yesterday I took part in the Buzz Oates No Excuses 5k which is a really fun race that’s part of the Buzz Oates Race Series. Basically, it’s an age-graded 5k where the top-50 get little plaques and the top 20 get tshirts and a plaque. The kicker is that the 50th place person gets the “hot seat” which is a really pretty leather recliner! How fun!

Anyway, after a busy weekend of cleaning, wake boarding (although I just was along for the ride, it makes me way too sore to do before a race) and general being in the sun, I was ready to go. I had some goals (maybe break 23, PR, have fun and be aggressive) and wanted to do well. As you may know, I LOVE a good 5k. Physiologically they’re much easier on my body, I love the running at your puke threshold, go all out, make it happen pace of the 5k and I love that they don’t causes weeks and weeks of recovery or intense training like a half or full marathon. I hadn’t run a 5k since November and was excited to see what I could do.

So, I woke up around 6, did my pre race thing of english muffin + PB, put on my running ninja outfit (black shorts and tank top. it makes me feel fast) and walked down to the race with some friends. After a 3-mile + strides warm up I felt pretty good. Someone played the national anthem (I’m a cheeseball but I love this. Especially on Memorial Day– it just feels right), played charge and we were off!! Mile 1 felt like it went by pretty fast adn I was pretty pleased to see my pace was 7:08 for the first mile.

Mile 2 felt long, but it wasn’t. It just feels long for every 5k. One of the best things about being in the year-long race series is that I see the same runners in every race. It helps with pacing and also gives me incentive to beat them 🙂 7:15 second mile. Uh oh… slowing down.

Mile 3 was a definite slow down and I started to feel really junky. Lactic acid was building, some obnoxious lady was hacking, spitting and gagging behind me (don’t get me wrong, I’ve done this too but I don’t want to hear it and get cranky when the lactic acid makes me burn). During the last .1 I sprinted it out and crossed the line in 23:27. A decent time but not quite as fast as I had wanted.

I was happy that I PR’d by about 30 seconds but I know I can go faster. However, I need to be patient and happy with myself– a year ago I ran a 26 minute 5k that nearly killed me and it took me until November to get that down, so I just need to calm myself and remember the big picture. My friend Paul got 2nd place (un age graded) and a few other friends did well too. Post race I partook of about a million strawberries, did a 3 mile cooldown with the 1-5 place dudes (why the love me and let me run with them I have no idea, but it makes me feel speedy and I loooooove jogging around with them so I tag along like the slower little sister I am) and watched the awards ceremony (no hardware for me). I whined a little bit that I didn’t go as hard as I wanted, but tried to be a good sport. It really was a good morning and I really did PR.

After the race I decided it was just way too gorgeous to be inside and took Mr. Roadbike (yes, he’s a him even though he’s baby blue) on a 40 mile ride to Folsom and back. I took it easy (16.2 avg pace) but considering I ran almost 9 miles this morning in a race and don’t ride my bike, I’ll take it. Coming home was kinda icky but I was able to power through. I think if I ride 40 miles I need to eat more than a Cliff Kid’s Z bar… 100 calories isn’t much.

This week I’m taking a little break from running. I haven’t gone more than 36 hours without running in oh… 9 months and my body feels broken down. Plus, mentally I’m not in a great place about running and I want to be kind to my body and mind so I am going to do yoga, ride my bike, jog if I feel like it and hope my tiny little niggle injuries clear up. Life’s too short to get burned out and I want to love running for a long time.


3 responses to “No Excuses 5k Report

  1. Congrats on your PR! Sounds like you deserve a break, and it will definitely help you in the end.

    I applaud your taste in children’s energy bars, but you should have had, like 3!

  2. congrats on the pr girl!! gah 5ks can be so hard!

    you def deserve a break! take some time off and enjoy it 🙂

  3. 5Ks can be tough so you definitely did a good job.
    Congrats on the PR!

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