Back at it… sort of.

My running hiatus is over. After 5 days of no running (oh but I got 4 workouts in, don’t you worry) I hit my favorite trail on Saturday for an easy 6 miles. I was a little nervous after not running for 5 days, but shockingly I remembered how to put one foot in front of the other. I actually felt great running on Saturday. I had a spring back in my step, I was enjoying myself and it felt good to run.

Today I tried to go for a long run… I was visiting my mom (I have a long run route there of course) and slept in until 8:30 (VERY unusual for me) which meant I didn’t start running until around 9:30. Which was super not cool and really hot. I only managed 10 miles and according to Senor Garmino my pace gradually slowed down. Also, my left foot is still bothering me and it started aching after about 3 miles which meant I was in pain for oh, 7.

When I got to my mom’s house she made me an ice bucket for my foot (yay mom!) which seemed to really help relieve some of the inflammation. I’m going to make a doctor’s appointment tomorrow– 3 weeks of an achy lower left leg (and I mean the WHOLE leg– calf, shin, achilles, arch) is really not okay and I need to fix it before it gets worse. Luckily, my ART doc is a miracle worker and should be able to fix me quickly. Sadly, I left my garmin at my mom’s house which means I can’t really do a tempo run until I get it back unless I want to do it at the track (yuck…) so I guess I’ll just run easy this week, haha.

I’m a little dissapointed that my speed isn’t improving like it was. I think to improve I need to get away from the hard fast track intervals and back into long tempo workouts– those really seemed to work for me and although they’re crazy tough, they did work. I also think that I could stand to drop 5-10 pounds. It’s not that I think I’m chubby or want to do it for looks, but I think dropping a little in the pounds department will make me faster– it’s just physics. I was blessed (?) with a very muscle-dense body (seriously, I weigh 20 more pounds than anyone would ever guess. I’m a size 2 and weigh more than a lot of guys) which means I’m heavy… and heavy=more to haul around. I don’t mind being fairly muscular (although when I was swimming I looked East German if you will) but I think ditching some of my muscle and the icing around it will benefit me overall. So to do that I’m cutting out all weekday wine and going to knock off the weekday chocolate. Not fun, but it’ll be big rewards, I’m sure. I’m also going to try doing the Shred regularly to tone up– but use light weights so there’s no bulking.

Tomorrow I’m all about 60 minutes easy in the morning and a road bike ride with my friends after work. I miss riding with my friends– biking is so enjoyable with others. Have a great week!


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