It just had to be done.

So, a number of Garmin Forerunners are on sale at Best Buy, and I noticed that the 305 was priced at a ridiculous $159.99. I also had a $30 giftcard from Christmas… Needless to say, I ordered one online, and I’m ridiculously excited about it. I’ve been tracking it all day on, refreshing the page ever 10 seconds. That’s better than nursing my other obsessions (ahem—my gmail and dailyplate accounts).

It’s supposed to get here on Wednesday, June 3, which is the first ever National Running Day! Receving it on that day would make it Running Christmas. While waiting for it to arrive, I suppose I’ll just try to think of names for it. Right now I’m leaning towards “Igor” since it’s ugly but gets the job done (at least I hope it will). It will join a large family of named electronics (Desdemona my Macbook, Bea my old clunky Dell laptop, Otello my nano, Archie the Archos MP3 player, etc.).


2 responses to “It just had to be done.

  1. Igor is hilarious. Do it!

  2. Or Cassio, to keep with the Otello/Desdemona theme. Iago would be too evil.

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