Meet Igor

Running Christmas!

The First Ever Running Christmas Musical Extravaganza Special Starring: Shuffleupagus and Igor

In the picture you see some goodies I bought today to, uh, celebrate National Running Day (and procrastinate and be generally spendthrift, as is my way). I picked up the FRS since I’m trying to crosstrain more and need a little boost since I’m also trying to get rid of the 10 pounds I gained while studying for comps (read: I’m on a diet, ick). I think I might try out the Accel Gel tomorrow. It apparently has all things good: protein, carbs, electrolytes, and caffeine. Mmm.

As for Born to Run, these two reviews pretty much hooked me into buying it, and, of course, I need to read something that isn’t related to eighteenth-century literature once in a while. I’ll post some notes on it after I’m done with it. Now on to more important things, namely, the new addition to my family of electronics.

I love my new Forerunner, dearest Igor (not pronounced “eye-gore”). Earlier this evening, I went out for just a two-mile run since I have to do my long(er) run tomorrow. Igor only took about 30 seconds to find a satellite, and he was super easy to set up; basically all I really wanted to set up for this first run was my weight so it could give me an accurate calorie count. I actually think it was overestimating a touch, but hey, that higher number makes me feel better. I’ll use the heart rate monitor next time to get the most accurate reading possible.

Igor is going to be a great tool for me as I try to become unslow. I’m not going to start speedwork forrealz anytime soon, but at least now I won’t take it too easy when I see my pace getting slower. After I saw that my best pace was something like 10:02, I decided to pick it up for the last quarter mile. I was so excited about doing that at about an 8:30 pace because I thought, “Amy does this on an easy day for like 8 miles!” Little things like that please this newbie. Though I also thought, “WTF? I need to pick up my legs to do this!” It was hard for me, but my heart didn’t explode, and I caught my breath pretty quickly afterwards.

The main reason I love Igor: no need to map runs! I’m too lazy to do that and too stupid to remember the route. Or if it’s something simple enough for my tiny brain to remember, then it gets boring pretty quickly…

One last thing (hopefully everyone has gotten tired of this post and clicked out of this site muahaha!): a horrible confession! I haven’t run in the last week because I got ridiculously sick (so much effluvia, people) the day of the Soldier Field 10. Because of that and just not feeling ready, I’m going to sit out the half-marathon this weekend. Well, I’m sure I could finish, but it would be very ugly. At any rate, signing up for that race was newbie hubris: n00bris! (You heard it here first, folks.) I’ll do some kind of penance, like volunteering at 3 races and saying 30 Hail Marys and Our Fathers. I will definitely be ready for the Rock ‘n’ Roll half in August though.


3 responses to “Meet Igor

  1. oooh tell me how Born to Run is. Or, mail it to me when you’re done lol.

  2. Congrats on Igor…I think he’ll make an excellent training companion. Be careful what you wish for though because you might get addicted to looking at the numbers like everyone else who has ever owned a FRS. Finally, I agree with sitting out the half if you don’t feel well/ready. Recover well!

  3. I know that you’ll love the garmin. Your right to listen to your body!

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