Food Friday: Grilled Pizza with Veggies

Today’s Food Friday features deliciousness of epic proportions. And, I’m not kidding. For some reason I got obsessed with making pizza on my BBQ at some point this weekend. I’m not really sure how or why I got the idea, but starting around Saturday I. Had. To. Have. It. So, on my weekly trip to Trader Joe’s I picked up their pre-made honey wheat pizza dough, some goat cheese and a variety of veggies (bell pepper, eggplant, mushrooms, zuchinni, whole tomato…). I googled the phrase, “grilled pizza” and came up with this recipe which seemed simple enough.

So, I tossed my veggies in my grill basket and prepared my ramekins with goat cheese (I’m allergic to cow cheese… goat only for me!), some olive oil and pesto mixed together for my “sauce” and crushed a mountain of garlic. So, I followed the directions, pre grilled the pizza then flipped it over and applied the olive oil, pesto and garlic followed by raw tomato slices, the grilled veggies and finally, the goat cheese. Then, I got distracted by my yard and realized my basil was ready for the picking, so I threw some of that on at the very end too. I closed the grill and came back to this:

It was heaven on a plate. I’m sorry the photo is blurry and that you can’t taste it. The crust had that awesome crispy, burn-y taste to it and the tartness of the goat cheese with all the veggies and pesto was amazing. I ended up eating it for lunch and dinner over 3 days and never got sick of it. So, if you have a grill try the grilled pizza. It’s awesome! Plus, I feel like there are endless variations. I will be making this again. Plus, it was actually pretty healthy.

My brother seems to think I’m a total weirdo for making pizza on the BBQ but apparently nothing trumps the time I made my own yogurt…but that’s a story for another day.

I’m headed to the doctor about my foot here in a few minutes. Hoping for good news and an easy fix!!

Running Update: I’ve been keeping my workouts pretty easy this week since my foot is bothering me so much but I managed an 8-mile 4×6 mins LT workout yesterday that went pretty well. I did my long run this morning before work because I have a crazy weekend (a wedding, 2 graduations and family stuff) and was insanely slow and in a ton of pain. I think doing speed work followed by a long run was a massive fail.

Oh! And! Funny story! So on Wednesday I had clients from Germany and China in town for an event. Our day started at 6am and ended with drinks around 6. Obviously I wasn’t going to get up at 4am to run (although I did set my alarm to try) so I figured it would be my rest day. After running around all day, not eating and literally not sitting down for 11 hours I think my blood sugar was about 5. So, after 2 (heavy pours) glasses of wine I was pretty much hammered (this is when I’m stoked I bike to work). But! I had dinner plans with friends and knew I’d be asleep within minutes if I sat down. Sooooo I had the brilliant idea to go on a run to sober up. It was hilarious. I was definitely NOT running in a straight line initially and my Garmin pace data is hilarious. I was actually pretty speedy but absolutely not consistent. The good news is that it totally worked. I got back to the house, showered, ate half a clif bar and was ready to rally! Rachel called me George W. Bush since I was essentially running to sober up… but it really did make me feel better and eliminate my guilt for the completely unnecessary midweek booze. I’m half German! I should be able to hang!

Okay, Seacrest out.


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