Weekend Update, Diagnosis, etc

This weekend was nuts as I expected. Gradution in Davis, wedding in Tahoe (on the same day, mind you) and some work in between. YIKES! I knew this meant I wouldn’t have a lot of time to run, so I’m very glad I adjusted my schedule accordingly. But, first thing’s first! I went to the ART doc on Friday afternoon to find out what in the world is going on with my foot. The doc was very helpful and basically said that my calf is really, really tight and pulling on my entire lower leg. Plus, I had a bunch of scar tissue in my achilles and arch that makes it hard to stretch out the muscle. So, we released the calf and he did Graston (basically you use tools to break up the scar tissue. it’s not particularly pleasant) on my arches and told me it was ok to keep running. I’m not entirely sure… it still hurts pretty badly, but we’ll see what he says when I go  back. He also gave me a great tip– in lieu of a foam roller freeze a water bottle and use that on the calf and arch. It feels awesome and you get the  benefit of ice and the foam roller. Try it out!

Sunday I felt disgusting from too much wine, cake, celebrating and sugar so I decided to hit the trail for a nice 8 miles. My initial plan was go to easy for 2, marathon pace for 4 and then easy for 2. But! Once I started moving my legs I felt good enough that the middle miles actually ended up at my lactate threshold pace. As I think about my training, I’ve been fastest when I do a ton of LT training (as opposed to track work) and it’s when I’ve been the least injured, too. So, I’m trying to incorporate a ton of that into my training. It was a beautiful morning by the river and it felt good to throw some speed and let my legs do their thing.

Finally, since I start training for CIM in about a month, I’ve decided that I’m no longer allowed to do the following:
1. Stress about the race until August
2. Say “if” I BQ– it’s only “when”
3. Run down L street where the finish is
4. Freak out.
So hold me to this guys!

Here’s a couple cute photos from the weekend!



2 responses to “Weekend Update, Diagnosis, etc

  1. Great pictures!

    CIM is great and is your BQ race for sure. 🙂

  2. hope the foot continues to feel better!! I agree too about the LT runs, I am thinking I need to add more and kick out some of the interval work.

    YAY run down L street!

    my friend and I were talking about going to Sac to do a couple training runs for cowtown… just to see the course a bit. I will let you know if we do! Maybe we could run together 🙂

    I have been trying to do the whole “when” as opposed to “if” thing too… its just a matter of time for us!

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