Belated Food Post

I meant to post this last Friday, but also had a pretty crazy last-couple-of-days between heading out of town and having a houseguest. Anyways, as I’ve mentioned before, I’ve been trying to do more crosstraining now since the academic year is over and I want to lose a little weight. Naturally I’ve been trying to clean up my nutrition, and save a few cheddar bunnies that I really didn’t need, I’ve been doing a decent job of it recently.

Last Thursday, I was hungrier than anything with runs plus getting back to working out with weights, and had the following dishes. I think they had the nutrition I needed but more importantly for a trash compactor like me, they were pretty filling. Mmm, volume. They also packed a lot of protein, which has kind of become an issue for me since I don’t usually buy animal (I’m definitely not a vegetarian; though I am a Benjamin Franklin vegetarian, i.e., cheap/poor/more inclined to spend money on other things like Garmin Forerunners and books).

The first dish is pretty obvious: some vegetation (tomatoes, asparagus, onions, mushrooms) with cilantro and two eggs (I know, very politically incorrect to eat two eggs) sauteed in 1tbsp of oil (not bad, eh?). And the second dish is based on a Bulgarian dish called tarator. My version has 5oz. of Fage 2% yogurt, tons of garlic, tons of dill, tons of black pepper, and tons of shredded cucumber. Everything to taste for everybody!

Random vegetation con cilantro

Random vegetation con cilantro

Savory, yogurty goodness

Savory, yogurty goodness


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