Should I give something new a tri?

Wow, that was a cheesy pun if there ever was one… sorry. Can’t help my dad-like sense of humor sometimes. Honestly, though– should I enter a triathlon for late this summer?

Here’s my case for why: Due to my foot issues (which seem to be improving, yay!) and the glorious weather we’ve been having, I have been spending a decent amount of time on my bike in addition to my usual running schedule. And, I swam (for exercise, not varsity) probably 4 days a week in college and was actually fairly decent when I was in the water regularly. There are good tris around here and I don’t have any super serious running to do until late August. Plus, I can CIM train while tri training. Plus, some cross training would probably really help me. Also, I’m still in love with running, but I think new challenges and things to do keep my mind and body fresh. I don’t want to get stale. And, I just have this nagging “sort of want to.” Finally, I think it would be fun to race with no PR to beat, no expectations and just for fun.

Here’s my case for why not: Tris aren’t that cheap, rocking the double workouts regularly would be an immense challenge, getting in the pool regularly sounds like torture since it’s only 5-6am, the idea of open water swimming scares the hell out of me, I don’t really know how to train for it nor do I really want to spend copious amounts of time reading about tris. I also know that if I do one that it’s going to fuel my inner competitor and I’m going to want to go stronger, faster, higher next time… and I really don’t need another hobby/obsession.

What do you think? Should I do it?

Training Update: I hit the trail for some LT training yesterday and it went really well! Just when I think I’m not improving or that I’m losing fitness, I’ll have a workout that really boosts my confidence. I did 2 warm up miles 4×5 mins LT pace with 1 min rests, 2 cool down miles and averaged a 7:30 pace for each LT segment. And, it felt like LT pace– “comfortably hard.” There is no way I could have done that 6 months ago– I was struggling to hold 7:50s. And then puking and immediately napping after (ok  not really, but close). This is a reason to keep a training log– when you feel like you aren’t improving you can look back and realize that you actually are. I was particularly happy about this workout since my foot has been bothering me so much and I haven’t really done any focused speed work in roughly 2 weeks. LT work makes me happy. I’ve also been doing the Jillian Michaels workout videos OnDemand (full review soon) and daaaaang. They work! Now, I’m debating whether or not to do a pre-work long run tomorrow leaving my weekend open to sponteneity or if I should do it Sunday. Weather’s clear for all options… hmmm…


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