The good, the mundane and the regular

Nothing particularly spectacular to report. It was a nice weekend with nice running… very average and very pleasant. After all my stupid foot issues (ugh I hate that it’s still a thing I’m talking about) I’m pretty grateful to have average to talk about. Saturday morning I woke up early, early because I was on my way to (yet another) graduation and knew I wouldn’t have time to run in the afternoon and got in a solid 7 miles by the river. The weather was gorgeous and I just kind of zoned out and enjoyed my solitude. The graduation was really fun– it was in Napa at the police academy and let’s just say there were many men in uniform 🙂

Sunday I couldn’t decide if I wanted to run with a group or just get ‘er done on my own. See, our group starts at 8, and I need to be at church at 10:30. I can definitely be ready in under 15 mins so I can run until 10 but if I want a fairly long run, I have to start earlier. So yesterday I compromised– I parked at the Fleet Feet store, ran 35 minutes and then met up with the group and did another 12 miles for a total of 15.5 miles. I had the privilege of running with a woman who, in her heyday, was a 2:50 marathoner and gave me a ton of solid advice about marathon training, running, etc. Having company was glorious and I can’t believe I ran 12.5 miles without my ipod. I think that’s the longest I’ve ever run without it! Anyway, it was great and I think my average for the whole run was somehwere in the 8:40 or 8:35 range.

It’s so funny how when you run with people, especially people you want to impress, that you’ll just harden up and get ‘er done. I’m not going to lie– I totally puked at mile 12 (in a porta potty no less) but rallied and didn’t slow down. I don’t know how good this was for me physiologically, buta psychologically I’m really kind of happy it happened. Now if it does in a race I know that I can handle it and just keep going. I’m not super clear on the cause but I’m thinking the combo of gu (sugar, yuck), water, electrolyte imbalance and just running hard… TMI? Maybe. Gross? for sure.

This morning my legs were tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiired. I ran 6 miles on some rolling hills and wanted to cry. Holding a 9:20 pace was effort and yeah, it was painful. Came home, let Jillian kill me on the shred and made it happen.

Okay, sorry this was so boring. Hopefully the photos from the Memorial Day 5k will be up soon. They are taking forever and a day! Plus, this weekend I’m running an 8k. More on that soon, too.


3 responses to “The good, the mundane and the regular

  1. Not boring—alot of positive effort. Great Job!

  2. how cool to run with the 2:50 marathoner!!! i bet she had some great advice.

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