Back on Track!

After a couple of weeks off (which were needed both mentally and physically) I headed to the track this morning for some quality interval training. I didn’t have a specific workout in mind, but I knew I wanted to do some 800s just to see what I could do. I haven’t run sets of 800s in forever (seriously maybe… October? September?) and I was curious what I could do. I ended up running 3 miles wu, 4×800 with 400 jogs and 3 miles cool down with the 800s at 3:40. It was hard, but nothing I couldn’t handle. I was very happy to see that I still have some speed in my legs after lots of LT training and a couple of weeks with no structured speed work at all. Overall, I was happy with the workout.

Here’s a crazy story– I think I mentioned that I ran 15.5 on Sunday and have mentioned before that when I run long I don’t usually eat enough to replace the calories that I have burned. It’s not intentional, but something about running long just makes me averse to food. I definitely ate on Sunday, but my normal amount. Anyway, Monday morning I ran 6 miles, followed by 25 mins of strength training and then joined friends for a 30-mile bike ride (at a pretty fast pace) after work. I definitely ate on Monday, but again, probably nothing extra. Which brings us to Tuesday. Holy moses for the love of pancakes I could have eaten my own arm off if left unchecked. I literally woke up in the middle of the night and had some toast because I was so hungry I couldn’t sleep (this has NEVER happened before), I ate a Luna bar before I ran, a bowl of oatmeal with protein powder and a smoothie (all before 9am), got to work had a yogurt, granola and some pretzels, a GIANT serving of sushi for lunch and proceeded to snack all afternoon. My boss was laughing at me all day and kept saying, “I have never seen you eat like this.” Honestly, I felt like Michael Phelps!! And went to bed hungry. Hmmmm think my body was trying to tell me something? Lesson: Eat more if you’re going to work out more!

I’m looking forward to racing on Saturday. I’ve decided not to obsess about pace, placing, acheiving anything, wearing a watch or any of that. Instead, my goals are: be aggressive, do my best, have fun and enjoy running.

Below are some photos from the 5k I ran on Memorial Day. I like that I look like I’m going to kill someone in the 2nd photo… ah, 5ks. I love you.


2 responses to “Back on Track!

  1. Sounds like your body was just trying to make up the calories. I have “hungry days” sometimes after not eating enough after workouts. It’s hard on long run days.

  2. haha i have had days where i cant fall asleep because i am hungry… i waiting for the crazy hunger to start in a few weeks when training starts intensifying again.

    love the pics!!! which race are you doing this weekend?

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