How do you do it!?

And by “it” I mean running in hot/humid weather! It’s now just starting to approach hot in these parts, and I’m really starting to feel it when I run. This week I’ve had to run after “work” (my summer research assistant job is on roughly 8 or 9-5ish hours), which is not quite as pleasant as it was in the fall or spring— hell, even in the winter. Guess I better just chug more water or start getting up at 5:30 again.

The last Runner’s World‘s article on how to incorporate two-a-days into your schedule got me all excited about trying that, especially now that I want to build up my mileage as well as work on my fitness (in the words of Fergie). After I get a grip on my sleep and work schedule I’m going to make more of an effort to do at least 1 two-a-day per week because god knows I’m not geting shredded with Jillian. 😉

P.S. It’s so cool that Deena Kastor decided to run the Chicago Marathon 2009. I know where I’ll be October 11, 2009…


2 responses to “How do you do it!?

  1. Be careful with the 2 a day thing… I’d try adding an extra day of running first. In my opinion double days are for when 6 days/week isn’t enough to grab your mileage goals. For a 2nd workout shred or something. As for the heat… you just gotta suck it up and be hot. It sucks, but sadly that’s what’s true.

  2. I think the biggest key in hot weather running is hydration – and staying ahead of it even before you run, and then keeping up with it as you run.

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