There aren’t words for this heat…

People, it’s hot. We’re talking a high of 115 degrees, feel like you live in a blow dryer kind of hot. Needless to say, that made running this weekend a hot, sweaty wreck. Oh and we have more than 100 degree temperatures forecasted all week. Lovely.

Saturday I hit the bike trail for a tempo run— 2 miles warm up with 25 minutes at threshold pace followed by 2 cooldown. I put on my fast pants which, as my friend Julie said, “require cajones to wear” and started the sweaty run. I was able to complete the workout with some decent pacing but wow– it was hot. I was slightly lightheaded when I finished and it took awhile to rehydrate.

This morning, despite the 90 degree temperatures at 7:00am, I stupidly decided to run 12 miles. I ran 4 on my own and then joined my running group for the final 8. I don’t think I’ve ever been that sweaty before. Honestly– I was drenched from head to toe in sweat and looked like I had been in the rain. Even my shoes were wet. It was disgusting. Despite the heat I actually had a good run. I just kept reminding myself that in terms of conditions that this morning was as bad as it would ever be and if I could tough it out, there wasn’t much I couldn’t do. I ended up drinkng 32 oz of water out there which is a ton for me since my hydration plan is usually “drink at a drinking fountain if you feel like it.” And, my pacing, while a little all over the place, wasn’t slow. I was really proud of myself for gritting it out in the heat safely and for pushing through those conditions. It’s these kinds of runs that pull you through tough races and really build character, so I’m happy it was difficult.

In other news, I finally got up on a wakeboard! I’m usually too scared to give it a shot, worried about getting hurt and not being able to run but I threw caution to the wind and got up. It reminded me that what we learn b4932_1106556390598_1427451828_30446553_8379171_ny training can be applied in other situations. I was sitting in the water waiting to get up, getting nervous and I thought to myself, “Amy. Woman up. You ran a marathon, you’ve knocked 45 minutes off of your half marathon time, you run through all kinds of bad weather, you can do this.” Then, I put myself in the same mental place I go to in a hard workout and I popped right up 🙂

Tonight I was treated to a massage by a lovely friend who is in massage school and needs clinic hours. Free massage? YES PLEASE. It was awesome. My quads and calves were a tight wreck but my back and core were nice and loose which is a good sign. But it felt so good to get everything out of my body– I was crunchy everywhere! I felt like my girl Kara Goucher– a massage post hard workout. Mmmm luxury.

I’m looking forward to another solid week of training. I have another 5k in a couple of weeks and I would reaaaaallly like to PR by 20-30 seconds (I know, ambitious, but a girl’s got to dream) and I think I can do it. I’m feeling really confident and really enjoying myself.


3 responses to “There aren’t words for this heat…

  1. God temps over 100 degrees? I can’t complain about the heat here anymore. (And, wow, I need to update! Not that there’s much that’s new…)

  2. this weather is disgusting 😦 it can go away now. great job on your runs even with the heat!!

  3. Geez 115? I’m going to stop complaining.

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