6 month review

I’m going to copy Aron and do a 6-month review of my running goals for 2009. Although I wasn’t blogging in January, I certainly set some ambitious goals for this year. I have a “running corner” in my office at work that has a calendar where I track my mileage, a congrats poster from my first marathon in 2007 and a post-it with my goals (I’m soooooo fancy!). My post-it reads:

1. Sub 1:50 half-marathon
2. 23 flat 5k
3. 3:37 full marathon

Goal 1: Sub 1:50 half-marathon
Check! In March of this year after a 16 week training period and peaking at 50 miles per week, I ran 1:48 and change at the Shamrockin’ half-marathon. In the process I knocked off more than 8 minutes from my last half-marathon (October of 2008), 15 minutes off the year before and more than 35 minutes off of my first half-marathon. The race was difficult (try not to be shocked that I went out too hard) but I gritted it out and reached my goal. My secondary goal to the Shamrockn’ was to use it as a test-run for CIM training. I peaked at marathon-like mileage, did long runs of 16 or so miles and used the training formula out of my running Bible, Jack Daniels’ Running Formula. In the process I discovered that while a bit monotonous and very difficult, Jack’s programs really, really work. I PR’d in the 10k, 4 miler (signficantly in a year 9:20 pace to 7:35 pace) and 5k while using his plan. Not bad.

Goal 2: 23 flat 5k.
Nope. I haven’t done this yet. I’m hopeful that it will happen at the end of this month though. My workouts are going well, I feel healthy and I finally believe that I can do it. I’ve actually come close in OTHER races (the 5 miler I just ran for example) but the one 5k I’ve done was kind of a wreck. If it doesn’t work out this month, there are a couple in August and September that I have my eye on. I LOVE the 5k. It makes me happy.

Goal 3: 3:38 full marathon
I haven’t had a chance yet! I’m actually not super confident that I’m going to be able to BQ in December given how my long runs have been feeling but I also keep reminding myself that I’m not yet marathon training and that my training intensities and race times indicate that I actually can run a marathon that fast. I start full bore marathon training in about 5 weeks, so we’ll see how that goes. I’m planning on peaking at 70 miles per week (I know. I’m going to be a running machine) and taking it very, very seriously. No booze, running is priority numero uno, etc.

Overall, I’m happy with my progress. I’m improving, I’m enjoying myself but I still have work to do which is very motivating. Having goals is very important to me– it gets me out the door, through tough workouts and away from the junk food and booze!


2 responses to “6 month review

  1. great job on the year so far!!! our goals are very similar 🙂 too bad we dont live next door! you are doing awesome!!!!

    I really want to get some 5ks in!! let me know when you are going to do them, and even though its a drive I might just have to come to sac for them. Sac holds all my big PRs right now ❤

  2. Nice job! You still have half a year.

    Do you have a certain training plan you’re using for your goal marathon?

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