A quick hello!

I think it’s about time to check in again, no? Don’t worry, I haven’t fallen off the wagon; just been too busy to post and doing workouts too boring to post about hah. I’m enjoying running like I did when I first started and wasn’t, you know, doing distances that I probably shouldn’t be.

But, I am getting a little nervous about the Rock ‘n’ Roll half on August 2. I still haven’t run over 10 miles, and I feel great until mile 7 and a half-ish, but then after that very quickly tire out—and believe me, it’s not like I ran the first 7 in record-breaking speed… Anyways, at least I know it’ll be fun… uh, and that there will be a lot of walkers. Although I found at the SF10 they too are faster than me!

Oh, also, in the last two weeks I have found a new 6 month-old running buddy who will be moving in in early August.


That's him at 12 weeks—still puppy fluff.


3 responses to “A quick hello!

  1. Hi! I just found your blog through Aron’s. Are you up in Chicago land? I’m in Champaign a few hours south.

    Will this be your first Half? I was thinking about doing RnR on 8/2, but I’m moving around then so the timing didn’t work out. That said, I’ll be up on 9/13 doing the Chicago Half in preparation for the 09 Full. You should definitely think about doing that one too. 😉

  2. Well, I used to be up in Chicagoland, but now I’m over in northern Indiana (alas!).

    Yup, this’ll be my first half. What a coincidence: I’m moving around that time too, but luckily I’ll be able to do it in the last week of July so that I can go to the expo and all that nonsense before the race (and yes, I planned it with that in mind haha).

    Oh man, another half! If I go a little crazy I might; if only because the RnR registration will get me a couple dollars off on the 9/13 one…

  3. Rachel is TOTALLY going to do a full. She just doesn’t know it yet.

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