Keeping it up…

Sometimes the best runs are the runs you had to force yourself to complete. I woke up this morning exhausted and sore from my killer track workout yesterday (more on this later) and did not want to put on my running clothes and head out the door. I finally put my shorts on, grabbed my ipod and realized… no battery. Luckily I have an iPhone that was about 15% charged, so I told myself that I’d run until the battery ran out or 5 miles, which ever came first. I debated and procrastinated and was dreading running. My quads and calves were so tight and I did not want to run. Then, I remembered a segment from the NY Times where Deena Kastor talked about how she doesn’t want to run sometimes, but never regrets getting out the door and thought to myself, “if Deena can do it, you can too. Buck up kid.”

Well, it was beautiful out there this morning. It was about 60 degrees, breezy and just sunny enough. Magically, my iPod lasted the entire run and a word to those with iPhones– running with Pandora is awesome! I don’t know how good it is for your phone, but Pandora was bringing the hits this morning. Anyway, I felt surprisingly springy and was forcing myself to slow down so that I could properly recover and be ready for some solid tempo work tomorrow.

About that track workout… I headed to my track yesterday with no real plan in mind. I knew I shouldn’t run 400s since I’d been doing a lot of that, but wasn’t in the mood for 1600s or 1000s. So, I decided to run some 800s. I ran my first 4 800s in 3:39 and then decided I was bored and would do some sprinting. I ended up running 6×200 with 200jogs decending by 1 second each time ending with a 45 second 200! I was origninally just going to run 4 of them, but I didn’t feel particularly fatigued and wanted to see how fast I could get that last interval. And let me tell you, it was fun to run that fast! Makes me want to get faster to run that fast all the time! 3 cool down miles later I was ready for a nap, a sandwich and a massage. Sadly, I had to settle for rushed oatmeal on my way out the door for work.

I’m doing a much better job this week of eating better and making a concerted effort to eat enough carbs to fuel my workout. Salads are so yummy, and I love them, but if I’m going to be puting in 50+ miles per week, I need carbs. What I do not need are wine and ice cream carbs and keeping those at bay is helping, too. I also think that doing strength training and working on my leg strength is paying off– I don’t fatigue or “dead leg” as easily.

Good stuff. Let’s hope tomorrow’s tempo workout goes well…


2 responses to “Keeping it up…

  1. Good work on getting out there this morning for a run! I ALWAYS debate in my head in the morning whether I should actually go or not, but in the end I NEVER regret going but I ALWAYS regret not going!!

  2. awesome job getting out there!!! i had that run last week where i just didnt want to go, but was sooo glad i did 🙂

    NICE work on the track!

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