Food Friday: Breakfast Edition

There’s nothing I love more than breakfast. I wake up in the morning absolutely starving and ready to eat. But– I’m a morning runner and putting away a huge meal before you run generally results in disaster. Or at least it would for me because there’s no way I’m getting up at 4am just so I can eat… Anyway, my favorite post-run meal is  a mess of oatmeal I’ll describe below. For most of my life I was an avid toast/english muffin/bagel eater but about a year ago I decided to give oatmeal another try. For most of my life I found it bland and mushy and refused to eat it. Turns out I was just making it wrong!

So, after I run I make a huge bowl of oatmeal that includes:
2/3 cup of oats
1/2 cup vanilla soy (I can’t do dairy in the morning)
2/3 cup water
1 scoop Whole Foods vanilla whey protein powder
1 tbsp flax seeds
1 teaspoon cinnamon
1/2 teaspoon brown sugar

All together this bowl of deliciousness is about 350 calories which is just about perfect since I tend to run 5-9 miles before work and need food! Adding the protein powder is a new thing– I was tracking my calories on the Daily Plate (highly recommend) and realized that I wasn’t getting nearly enough protein. Plus, I was ready to eat my arm off about an hour after I ate breakfast and needed to figure out a way to last until lunch (or 10:30 haha). One tip- stir the dry ingredients before you add the liquids so you don’t get cooked clumps of protein powder. They’re gross. Another trick I use is to assemble everything and let it soak while I’m running– it makes the oats SO soft and you don’t have to do anything but throw it in the microwave when you’re done.

Training update: Yesterday I did 2 miles warm up plus 2×10 minutes threshold pace followed by 2 miles cooldown. It went pretty well. I was easily able to hold a 7:45 pace for the 10 minutes  and could have done another repeat. According to Jack that’s the goal of the workout and I even had to slow myself down a little bit during the first repeat. A good sign, I think, Especially since I worked so hard on Tuesday. Although I get bogged down and feel like I’m not progressing, this is a workout that would have wiped me out 6 months ago and there’s no way I could have recovered from a track session fast enough to do LT 2 days later– so I think my endurance and muscle strength are improving. Slowly, and in small ways, but improvement nonetheless.

Long run tomorrow– I can’t decide how far I want to go. I’m thinking either 15 or 13. I may just see how I feel when I get out there. If I feel awesome, I’ll go 15. If I’m over it, 13. I’m going to enjoy having that freedom before my marathon program really kicks in to high, high gear. Soon I’m not going to have that choice!

Hope everyone’s summer running is going well. We’re having unseasonably beautiful, cool weather and so I am taking full advantage.


3 responses to “Food Friday: Breakfast Edition

  1. I just live for my post-run bowl of cereal.

  2. Sounds like a great recipe—enjoy your run.

  3. I’ll have to try the Whole Foods protein. the kind I have (designer whey natural vanilla) tastes like death and fish. That’s whey for ya! I’m glad I’m starting to get back into the gruel.

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