Run your easy, easy kid

It was so hot this weekend. I mean, waaaaaay over 100 degrees hot. I made several leaps forward on the running front:

1. I ran with just a sports bra. Twice. I’ve never done that before, probably shouldn’t but it was just so hard that I did not care. It was oddly liberating and extremely comfortable. Aiyy yi yi– first spandex now this. What’s happening to me???

2. I got my ass handed to me on what should have been an easy 12 miler. The combo of heat, lack of sleep and maybe a wee dram of wine made it… tough. I ran with my super fast friend (and our other friend joined us for a bit), was trying to run at a pace that wasn’t embarassing and damn near died. It was horrible. I consider this a leap forward because tough runs build character.

3. I ran even though I didn’t want to. And I’m glad I did. I saw that Josh Cox tweeted that “we never regret the sweat” and he was right. I felt horrible for about 4 miles and then suddenly… I felt like myself again. It was fantastic.

Ok new list.

1. I’m going to back off the mileage this week. 3 weeks over 50=unnecessary. At least at this point. Soon enough it’s going to be high mileage time and I need to freshen my legs.

2. I’m going to add strides to my easy days. I hate them. They take discipline to do, but I’m going to do it anyway.

3. I’m going to add a little yoga (just my silly dvd) to my world. My tight calves aren’t getting any looser and I think this’ll help.

4. That’s it, that’s all. Sorry for the boring words!


2 responses to “Run your easy, easy kid

  1. Wow…over 100 degrees? That is way too hot! I don’t know how you do it, but i always have to slow down during runs in hot weather. Congrats to you on pulling through. The three weeks of >50 miles is pretty impressive too!

  2. EKKK it was SO hot this weekend!!! i do NOT like it. I have yet to run in spandex or a sports bra… though in yesterdays race it was very tempting to pull off the shirt 🙂

    I am planning on adding yoga too!! I did a couple times and got bored but I REALLY need to add it into the routine. Mine is just a DVD too… are we twins?

    Are you going to be in SF this weekend?? I have another question too I am going to email the address in your profile.

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