Resting is not easy…

I mentioned on Monday that I’m trying to take it easy this week. Between a tired body, tired mind, still aching arch/achilles region… it’s just time to have a cutback week. Now, maybe I’m way too intense for my own good, maybe I’ve slipped over the edge… but I’m finding it hard to cut my runs shorter than 6 miles. I know. I’m in insane. And don’t worry, I only ran 5 this morning. But something in me felt guilty– like I was cheating or something.I know that I need to consider cut back and rest equal partners in my training schedule and I know that I need it, but that doesn’t make it any easier.

I’m going to force a reduction in mileage though and maybe “only” run 5 days this week. It’s not like 35 miles is some wimpy mileage base! I’m also following through with the strides and yoga. I did my DVD today and actually kind of enjoyed it. It felt good to stretch out and do some lunges and core work. The strides were… fine. They were strides. I hate them, I feel stupid doing them, but I know I should. So I did. Ok?

Today I headed out for 5 miles– 1 warm up, 3 at lactate threshold and 1 warm down. It was shockingly easy– and I mean that. It wasn’t hard holding my T pace and I actually had to back off during the 2nd mile. That’s good– that means I’m gaining fitness. I would really like to run sub-23 this weekend and I keep telling myself that I will. I just need to run a smart race which isn’t exactly my forte. My race strategy usually goes a little something like this: go out like a bat out of hell, get 1/2 mile out, realize I’m running a 6:30 pace, back down to race pace, start suffering too early due to my stupidity, blow up, freak out, sprint to the end. This is NOT helpful. So, this weekend I think I’m going to be a huge dork and wear my garmin during the race to prevent any slowing down. Or, just pay very close attention to my splits.

Finally, here’s a photographic reason I was so boozy and sleepy while running this week– my best friend got married and so there were bachelorette, rehearsal dinner and wedding parties to attend! It was a blast and I had so much fun. Yes, training isย  important but it’s also important to be in the moment with all your friends and to enjoy regular life. So, I did! it was fun to get dressed up and celebrate! It was also fun being at my mom’s house and running on the trails in the giant park there. During my 12-miler I ran a great combo of flat fire road, single track and asphalt– every time I do that run I kick myself for not being a runner when I lived there.


I have about 10 days before my CIM training begins in earnest. I’m starting to get excited but I’ve been talking about this race for so long that I’m sort of just ready to get going and DO it already. Enough preparing, enough talking, enough planning– more doing.

Remind me of this desire to train in October when I’m threatening to quit, sick of running and just plain over it. Alright, this post is going nowhere fast. Time to end it.


2 responses to “Resting is not easy…

  1. you are funny ๐Ÿ™‚ i love my short shorts!! but i do love the long runs also. this will be the first time training i am running 6 days a week so we will see how that goes… definitely wear your garmin at the race!! i have never NOT worn mine ๐Ÿ˜‰

    looks like the wedding and festivities were a blast!!! i have lots of that coming up… i am a MOH in october.

  2. I hate cutting back on mileage too. Just make yourself do it for a week and know that it will end. You’ll be glad you did it.

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