Alzheimers Aid Society 5k Race Report

This morning’s race was ok. I guess. I’m not happy with my time, but I am happy about the effort I put forward and my mental state. But I still could have run faster.

The morning started out normally– PBJ english muffin + coffee, put on my clothes, run out the door. I felt really nervous about this race– well, not nervous but I had the adrenaline thing going. I was trying out my Saucony Fastwitch racing flats today and I also had my Kara Goucher clippies (given to me by a friend who knows I heart Kara– they’re little American flags) on, so I felt ready to go. I really felt like today was the day to run fast– I felt good all week, had my fast legs going on…

So then the race started. I was glad I wore my garmin because the race started downhill and I went through the first 1/2 mile in 7:05 pace which is obviously way too fast. I backed off and went through the first mile in 7:18. I started feeling a little bit heavy and started getting worried. Mile 2 was pretty uneventful but felt long (Senor Garmin confirmed this– .06 long) and went by in 7:36 which worked for me.

The 3rd mile I felt like junk. I had the numb tongue thing going on, burning legs, labored breathing and just kind of let it go. I think this is where I could have run faster– sure, it hurt and I was definitely firing on all cylinders but according to my watch I went through this mile in 7:46. That kind of slow down isn’t ok. I picked it up in the final tenth and ran it in 7:07 pace for a 23:34. I think that’s a PR for me (or if not, it’s close) but I really think I can break 23 flat. But I haven’t yet. This course was a little bit hilly and had lots of turns, so there’s that, but still. I can run faster.

Although I’m disappointed with my time, I don’t feel like I really gave much away and really tried to do my best. Considering that I was so exhausted that I could hardly cool down and my stomach felt icky, I think I gave a tough effort.I got 7th in my age group which is about right for me and the weather was beautiful, the course lovely and the race well run. Although, it was a little weird to run an Alzheimer society race through a cemetery. Strange, right?

Oh, and I liked the new racing shoes. They don’t look like racing flats, so I don’t feel like an ass who doesn’t deserve fast shoes in them but they are nice and light but still supportive which was nice when I got tired.

So, I suppose my decision to run in the all-women’s 5k in August is made for me– I’ll run it and break 23 then. I will. I’ll work hard and I will do it! My workouts were indicating that I’m in better shape than this, so I’ll just have to prove it. And I will.

Marathon training starts next week, but more on that later.


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