Chicago RnR Half-Marathon

At the start of the race

At the start of the race

I am a half-marathoner! One butt-ugly half-marathon counts, right?

Though, everything kinda went wrong. My hamstrings and calves cramped up, my left arch hurt like a mother, I felt like I had a side stitch for like 4 miles, and my legs felt so heavy. After going up and down the stairs a hundred times this on Monday-Wednesday during my move to another apartment, I was actually really sore on Thursday and Friday (that’s pathetic, I know), and maybe it took a toll on today’s performance, but basically I think it was just a bad day for the old body. Even after getting a lot of sleep and having a healthy dinner, things still didn’t feel right. At least there was no intestinal distress. We’re all runners here: we can talk about our digestive systems eh?

Even though I was in pain the whole time, I really want to do another half marathon in the next year. I suppose it’s for redemption. Notice I haven’t posted my time: yikes! At least it was under 3 hours. Still, it’s a good distance: long enough to be demoralizing, but short enough not to ever have to stop at a porto-potty haha.

As for the management of the race, I thought the course was great. It ran downtown among the skyscrapers, but we also got a good bit of the lakefront path: the best of both worlds. The only complaint I have is that I don’t think they posted mile markers at every mile, or maybe I just missed them, being so consumed with pain. The Cytomax at the aid stations was delicious, AND they handed out a lot of food at the end, which made me happy. Finally, the wet sponges they handed out twice along the course were a pleasant surprise. I will definitely run this race next year if possible.

Assorted notes:

  • I saw Kara Goucher doing drills before the race started! Ah, so close to greatness… and yet so, so far…
  • I also got to be at Ryan Hall’s clinic at the Expo the day before the race. I loved that he gave us some advice I try to live by when running: if you’re feeling crappy, just gut it out so you’re out of pain sooner. Of course, this is easier if you have more skill and fitness… Photos to come in a few days!
  • One of the great things about doing big races as a slower runner is that you can come about 15 minutes late and never have to wait long in the gear check line.
  • I met a few Newton enthusiasts. Even when I went to Greektown for brunch after the race, someone who didn’t run the race (judging by the fact that she wasn’t dressed to run… granted she may easily have finished an hour before me) was like, “I have your shoes!” We love them, people—join the club!
  • As always, the support from volunteers, spectators, and runners themselves (thank you, kind woman with the “3 months ago this seemed like a good idea” sign on her back!) was truly heartwarming.

Next running challenges:

1) Help my new running buddy gradually build up her stamina and toughen up her paws.

New dog: playing in select apartments, starting 8/8/09

New dog: playing in select apartments, starting 8/8/09

2) Improve my 5K time.


One response to “Chicago RnR Half-Marathon

  1. Congrats! So cool that you saw Kara Goucher.

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