A few tips for all the single runner ladies.

Here’s a couple tips for you single runners out there:

1. If you’re on a date and the whole time keep thinking, “man I want this to end so I can go home and spend some quality time with the foam roller!” it’s probably not the guy for you.
2. If you’re on a date and the person you’re at dinner with brags about their times, is kind of a jerk about “being super fast” and they are much slower than you, feel free to show them up. But only if they’re being a jerk about it. But it kinda makes all the suffering at the track worth it. I’m just saying.
3. If the cute waiter, who is also a runner, hears that you are training for a marathon, has run several of the same races as you, and thinks you are cool, he will bring you extra bread without being asked because “runners need carbs.” He will also encourage you to “eat more!”

Not that any of this is based on personal experience. Not at all.

This week went from an unmitigated disaster running-wise to somewhat ok. My easy run yesterday actually felt really good and was a decent speed. I was forced to run 1000s this morning at the track (SEVEN OF THEM) which hurt, but I got them done. They weren’t the speed I’m used to having, but they were much better than the turtle running through molasses that I experienced on Thursday. It was super windy this morning (um, it blew my earphones out of my ears!) and although it’s not responsible for the slowness, mentally I’m going to blame it so I don’t get sad about my speed taking off πŸ™‚ I’m also down 4 pounds in 2 weeks which isn’t good. I mean, I don’t look bad, but that tells me that I’m not eating enough. I’m fine with dropping a few between now and December but if I’m dropping 2 a week while strength training– it’s too much. Interestingly, I felt like I overate the last two days before my long runs and had great long runs. Same with today’s track– I felt much better but ate a ton yesterday.

Finally, the photos from the 5k a couple weeks ago. Not cute, I don’t look like my homegirl Kara, and you can’t even see my awesome flag hair clips, but there is a one-legged pirate photo, so there’s that.

Until next time, Seacrest out.

(I have no idea what got into me this morning, but this post is really amusing now that I’m reading it an hour later)

What kind of socks do pirates wear? Arrrrrrrrrgyle!

What kind of socks do pirates wear? Arrrrrrrrrgyle!

This is so not cute. Im trying to look normal and struggling. Clearly.

This is so not cute. I'm trying to look normal and struggling. Clearly.


3 responses to “A few tips for all the single runner ladies.

  1. Did you get the waiter’s number?

    I run well the day after more calories too. It’s hard to find that balance.

    Very much enjoying your stories about getting faster.

  2. I am having a hard time finding the balance too and I am tracking what I am eating!! I think the days I run a lot I have a hard time eating enough that day, but then the days I dont run as far I eat more than I am supposed to? I think I need to do like a weekly tracking rather than daily since we do need food to fuel the next run. Its tough.

    haha I never thought of the one legged pics… I have a couple of those πŸ™‚

    great job finding your groove again! now if I could only find mine :-/

  3. Funny list! Though not applicable to me, I still find them entertaining. πŸ™‚

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