Adjusted. For now.

Well, I think my body has adjusted to the demands of higher mileage. I’m not nearly as tired, my appetite, while strong, isn’t out of control anymore and my paces are returning to where they need to be. I knew this would happen, but sometimes when you’re really in it, it’s hard to believe you’ll ever rebound.

I didn’t do anything groundbreaking last week, but it was still a solid week of training. And really, this early out, if I’m 5 seconds/mile slower during tempo runs or intervals it doesn’t really matter.

Yesterday I hit the pavement for a quick 5.5 miler. I was so excited– I was trying to run easy and my pace kept naturally gravitating to marathon pace if not a little bit faster. I held back but a couple of times I looked down at my pace and was pleasantly surprised. I came home, rocked some yoga and felt great. I was so, so happy to have some spring in my step.

Today I ran 14 miles out on the bike trail. I kept the pace slow (9:10 roughly) and felt good the entire time. Actually, I was really tired and a little bit grumpy but cardiovascularly and muscularly everything felt great. I never once needed or wanted to stop and my last 2 miles were my fastest. Good sign. I took a gu around mile 9 but it felt a little unncessary. I had a nice surprise, too. I ran into a guy I know around mile 9 and was able to run with him for a mile. It was only a mile, but it broke up the monotony and I enjoyed the company.

Despite my legs returning to their happy selves, I have a cutback week this week– only 50 miles (ha!) so I’m pretty happy about that. I have a crazy work week ahead of me (LOVE when cutback weeks correspond with work nuttiness– do NOT love when it’s the opposite!) so the break will be nice. I haven’t been sleeping very well which is not normal for me, so I’m hoping to catch up this week.

On that note, I’m going to go read trashy magazines in my bed which will hopefully turn into sleeping 🙂


3 responses to “Adjusted. For now.

  1. Congrats on getting back on track. It’s hard to keep the paces slow when your body is itching to go fast. Great job!

  2. yayyy glad you are getting back on track and feeling good 🙂

  3. Must be an amazing feeling!

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