On the road again…

After running the half marathon, I had to turn my attention to getting ready to pick up this furry beast from the breeder’s place:

Hello! my name is Tosca!

Hello! my name is Tosca!

Within a day of picking her up she started barking incessantly whenever I’d leave the apartment and even the room, which made me feel a little guilty to go running—guilty not for leaving her, but for annoying all of my new building neighbors, hah. Anyways, she’s just about over that, and I think she’ll be able to start running with me in a week or 2 (she’s still recovering from getting spayed about 10 days ago). Huzzah! Amy said I should put her on Couch to 5K and frankly, I think I might since she tends to slow down a bit after 15 minutes of just walking.

I recovered pretty well from the half considering how undertrained I was and that that’s the longest I’ve gone at a stretch. I think my legs felt roughly back to normal by Wednesday or Thursday. Not too shabby for me.


One response to “On the road again…

  1. Have fun with your new furry friend. He looks ready and willing to go running!

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