2 Embarcaderos in 1 Week? Am I This Lucky?

This week was awesome, you guys. Not only did I have a brilliant run in San Francisco, but now I’m in San Diego and got to run here as well.

My training program called for sets of 1,000, 1,200 or mile repeats at Repetition pace which is basically 5k pace. Maybe a wee faster. I go back and forth on these workouts. There are days I’m obsessed and think that with the right training I could totally pull a Maggie Vessey (track nerd alert) and make the World Champs team in the 800 out of nowhere and then there are days when I find them excrutiatingly painful, really boring and kind of annoying. It was an Olympic Day.

I actually woke up and figured today would be a rest day since I had a 7am flight and wasn’t sure what my work responsibilities would entail. But, I finished my business around 5pm, was slightly bored in my hotel (even though I’m at the Manchester Hyatt and my boss is totally gangster, so I’m on the special people level with free snacks, booze and views that  are seriously awesome) and figured, “what the hell. I’ll do my workout today.” I’m not normally an afternoon runner, but whatever.

I started out along the San Diego Embarcadero which is beautiful, but initially very crowded. I had an inkling that this had the potential to be an awesome workout when during my warmup I realized that I was running at marathon pace and it felt really, really easy. I got a little bit worried that I’d fry my legs early so I tried to hold back but my legs were just itching to go. I think this may have something to do with the coffee and 1/2 banana I’d had the hour before. Caffeine + carbs=runner love.

Anyway, I decided to do 4x.75 (1200s) repeats with 1/2 mile jogs. I initially wanted to do mile repeats, but the way the trail was going it wasn’t going to work out.

I destroyed it.

I don’t want to brag. But. My projected pace for these SHOULD be around 5:25. I ran them between 5:09 and 5:15. At the end of each repeat I could feel the banana and coffee threatening to visit me, and my legs were burning but this is, by far, the fastest I have ever run. And you guys? Running at 6:45 pace… it’s fun. Really fun. Really, really, really, really fun. I mean, you are zooming. And I could have done more.

The best part was blowing by a pack of Marines and hearing one of them say, “now that’s my kind of girl.” I mean sure my rests between intervals weren’t fast, but I’ll let them think I run 6:45s all the time!

And even though I worked hard during the workout portion of my run, I actually cooled down at about 10 sec/mile slower than Marathon Pace. I overshot my turnaround point and ended up running 9 miles, but that’s fine, I’ll just cut Sunday’s run down. I felt incredible when I was done. I wanted to hug the doorman at the Hyatt and encourage him to get his shoes on and try some 1200s RIGHT NOW. And I wanted to jump around and dance and smile and laugh and run through a meadow with rainbows and flowers and small cartoon animals. Do you think I had the runner’s high? Just a little bit.

The other best part about hotels? ICE MACHINE! I treated my legs to a painful ice bath but dealt with it by listening to my BFF Theresa Strosser and my other BFF Adam Carolla on the podcast. I know. I have the sense of humor of a 19 year old boy. But it’s fine.

After today I think I might try running after work a little more often. It felt good to be fully awake and present for my workout rather than blearly eyed and sleepy and I’m telling myself that the pizza I ate (whole wheat with veggies, but there was cheese!) and 2 glasses of wine totally don’t count because my workout went so well. Honestly, though I can’t fully express what a confidence builder this was. I keep feeling like I’m “behind” from where I was in January (which is insane, I’ve PR’d like, 6 times since then) but there’s no way I could have completed this workout at this pace even a month ago.

17 miles on Saturday. I’ll keep you posted. Let’s pray for weather that’s more “hot day” rather than “insane furnace.” I’m also biking in the Tour de Napa on Sunday, so that should be tons of fun too. Well it coul be fun, depending on how much we taste the day before 🙂


4 responses to “2 Embarcaderos in 1 Week? Am I This Lucky?

  1. Awesome job. Good luck on the 17–I have that on Monday.

    I would love an ice machine!

  2. Slept in this morning and missed my morning run – I WAS dreading my after-work one but this post lifted my spirits!

    Here’s hoping my run goes as well as yours did!!

  3. AMAZING runs and so awesome you are getting to travel all over for them 🙂

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