Le Tour de Napa

This weekend I had the privilege of riding in le Tour de Napa (ok it’s really the Tour of Napa Valley, but I like le Tour better) bike ride. I kept saying race, but it’s a ride. Anyway, it was a lovely weekend full of running, riding and tasting. First of all, I love riding my bike. Because of all the running I don’t get in the saddle nearly as often as I would like, but every time I ride I’m reminded that I actually do love it. For me, running is serious time and riding is social, fun time.

Anyway, the ride threw a HUGE monkey wrench in my long run plans. I still need to do this week’s long run (2.5 hours on the schedule) and couldn’t do it Saturday or today– so I think I have to do it tomorrow before work, YUCK.

But back to the ride. I woke up this morning around 6:15 (since sleeping past 6:30 is not something I do anymore apparently) and decided to bang out some miles before the ride. I ran 8 miles up the Silverado Trail (sort of the back side of the Napa Valley and where my favorite wineries are) on some rolling hills before the ride and it was a perfect cap to my week of running in insanely beautiful places. I know that California is basically bankrupt, our housing is expensive, that we’re a little bit snooty about living here but I have to say… there’s not much better than being able to run around the SF Bay, San Diego Bay and Napa Valley in one week. GORGEOUS. If you live somewhere else, come live here. It’s awesome.

Silverado Trail

Silverado Trail

The ride was a blast. I was with a pretty big group of people and so we naturally broke into a couple of groups. I ended up riding with 2 guys and was pretty impressed with myself– we rode about an 18 mph average over rolling hills. Considering I haven’t been on the bike in ages I’d say that’s not bad. But today wasn’t a race. Which was actually a difficult mental switch for me. I am so used to running races where there’s a start line, someone wins and it’s competitive that a leisurely-ish ride with no official start time, numbers or chips was just kind of weird. I had a couple of friends ask me to dial down the intensity (we aren’t in a hurry, Amy) which I tried to do, but it’s hard for me! I also realized that I get a kick out of being the “badass chick” who can hang with the guys while riding and/or running. Which is both stupid and unncessary becaue I love my girlfriends.

I also noticed a huge difference between runners and riders– I’ll do a post on it this week.

A winery

A winery

Today’s ride was also an indicator to me that I’m definitely a marathoner now. An 8 mile run plus 30 miles on the bike didn’t fatigue me at all. In fact, I could have, and wanted to, keep going. Sadly (jk) I had to settle for a sweet BBQ that included Ben and Jerry’s with my friends. I tried to go Rainmaker style and take photos while I was riding but it was not easy. You’ll see them below. Oh and wildlife count? 2 deer, 4 snakes, a few dead birds and lots of riders!

I’ll let you know how getting up at 4:45 for my long run goes tomorrow. I have a monster 63 mile week this week so I’m assuming I’ll be tired but my legs feel great, so I’m rolling on!

Ice Cream!!!!!!!!!
On top of Sterling Vineyards

On top of Sterling Vineyards

Saddling up... do not mock my arm warmers. They are warm and it was chilly.

Saddling up... do not mock my arm warmers. They are warm and it was chilly.

Riding Buddies

Riding Buddies


3 responses to “Le Tour de Napa

  1. Sounds like a fun weekend of riding and running but I’m glad you’re sticking with running though. Haha! Nice pictures!

  2. That looks like so much fun! I also did my long run this morning; hope yours went well. Really sets the tone for the work week, doesn’t it? 😉

  3. so you’re a biker too?? or a cyclist? i dont know what they like to be called officially 🙂 lol sounds like an awesome weekend!

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