Early mornings but beautiful views

I got up and did it– made a long run happen before work. I woke up at 4:45 and was out the door by 5. And you know, it wasn’t that bad. I didn’t feel awful all day and surprisingly wasn’t too hungry and tired. I realized that I was a week ahead in my training schedule and so I had to do 5×6 mins T + 1 hour easy which worked out to be 13 miles. I was very pleased that I hit all my T paces around 5 seconds faster than perscribed and was able to hold a decent easy pace.

I’ve been struggling with stomach issues and think I’ve nailed it down– salt! I tried S Caps the last couple of longer-ish runs and they work great. I really don’t like sports drinks and get my calories from gu, and this was awesome!

I’m in San Francisco for work again and did the same run as last week. Only this time I brought my phone so I have photos to share! I think I’m getting used to the 5am wake up call. I had a lovely 8 miler down the embarcadero and through the Marina areas of SF. It was beautiful and actually really foggy so I had to use my arm warmers! I bought these in April but hadn’t worn them yet for running and oh man, I LOVE them! So warm and convenient. This particular pair is from the Running Warehouse and they are $7 and free shipping, FYI.

Me in my arm warmers... you can kinda see them!

Me in my arm warmers... you can kinda see them!

But back to the run…

I started out down Market Street and ran to the Ferry Building

So pretty-- especially at 5am!

So pretty-- especially at 5am!

And then headed down the Embarcadero. I LOVE LOVE LOVE how the Bay Bridge is lit up at night/early morning but my little iPhone camera didn’t capture the awesomeness.

The Bay Bridge and Ferry Building

The Bay Bridge and Ferry Building

I then wound around the Embarcadero to Fort Mason. A little fact about me– I LOVE boats and bridges. Well, all water, but boats and bridges too. So I took a photo of a cool boat because that’s just how I roll.

Sweet boats

Sweet boats

I then headed into the Marina and back home!


Getting up early isn’t always fun, but when you’re rewarded with a strong pace, beautiful views and Starbucks at teh end, it’s totally worth it.

One thing I’ve noticed lately is that my pace is steadily descending during the duration of the run. That makes me happy– that means I’m not overtraining! I just found out that I’m staying tonight, too so I guess I’ll get to run here in SF again. Not bad 🙂 Although, I think I’ve spent more nights in a hotel bed than my own in the last 10 days… but that’s okay. It’ll help me not be sick of my home running routes in a couple weeks! Plus, the clients I’m here with are also training for a marathon and so it’s super fun to talk training with them.

Until next time…


3 responses to “Early mornings but beautiful views

  1. i loooove that run!!

  2. Fun, fun, fun! I’ll be heading up that way in a couple of days. I can’t wait to run that route!

    Nice photos. Thanks!

  3. Waking up early for a run is definitely something of a meditative experience!

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