Not a fluke?

Last week I blogged about my epic set of intervals in San Diego. I figured that my speediness was a fluke and that I was just having a good day. The entire time I trained for the Shamrockin’ I think I saw the number “6” on my Garmin twice. And for about 10 seconds.  And only after around 12 weeks of training. Welllll… as of this morning, I’m not sure that it was a fluke. I had the same workout to do this week and I ran sub-7 minute pace for each of my intervals. I never thought, in 1000 years, that I would be able to do that. Ever. I mean, it was between 6:50 and 6:53 pace, but still…

I had a fairly frustrating summer running-wise. I set PRs, but they weren’t amazing. I hurt my foot, I felt like I was running in circles without any improvement… but I think I’m starting to see some of the rewards of the work I put in. Improving requires your muscles, circulator system, cardiovascular system and even your brain to adapt to running faster paces. This takes time. You have to break down the fibers and then allow them to build back up. I think I expected to have a couple of good workouts and then see the results immediately. Well, that is crazy. So I’m glad that I’m seeing some good results at the right time. And it’s a good reminder to be patient with your body. Sometimes it just takes awhile to see results.

However, I have to keep in mind that I have a lot more talent for short distances (less than 1 mile) than long and that my long tempo runs are going to tell me a lot more about my marathon fitness than sets of 1,000s or 1,200s. But for now, I’m happy to take it!

53 miles this week with 63 scheduled for next. After quite a few weeks in the 50s, the idea of jumping into the 60s doesn’t scare me quite as much. I mean, it’s going to be a lot of running but I’m not freaked out. I might even be looking forward to it!


One response to “Not a fluke?

  1. nice job speeeedy 🙂 !!!

    thank you for the reminder too… this sport is definitely about patience!! i am so glad you are seeing the benefits of your hard work… i hope they keep coming!

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